Logic Shows The Horrors Taking Place At Our Borders In His Latest Video

As Logic has risen from Ratt Pack leader to Pop star, he has also become increasingly political. The Gaithersburg, Maryland MC/producer has accepted the responsibility of using his voice and position to effect change.

While “Young Sinatra” dropped his Bobby Tarantino II mixtape in March, his latest single “One Day” is something brand new. The song features Ryan Tedder of OneRepublic crooning the hook. Despite some Pop trimmings, the inspirational message is Rap at its core. Just like his successful efforts to increase suicide prevention in 2017, Bobby clearly knows the effect his words have on his ever-growing and die-hard fan-base.

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The video is a whole other story. The visuals are not so much based on the lyrics themselves but instead on the general theme of unity that he tends to espouse. It all starts with heart-wrenching footage of a Mexican child being separated from his parents by ICE agents and then taken to a prison-like holding facility. We follow the life of this character through adoption, high-school, and medical school.

At the same time, viewers also watch a white boy grow up in a Neo-Nazi household. When a racially-charged fight breaks out at a bar, our White Supremacist character pulls a knife. However, he’s tripped before he can enter the fray and falls on the blade. His skinhead brothers rush him to the ER, and as fate would have it, the doctor performing his surgery is the one-time illegal immigrant. The surgeon sees all the man’s Nazi tattoos, but still reassures him that everything will be okay. It’s a poignant message. We should point out that big name actors Michael Peña (Ant-Man and The Wasp) plays the doctor and past Logic collaborator Luis Guzman (Narcos) plays his high-school coach.