DJ Green Lantern Makes A Slick Remix To Nas’ Biggest Song Of 2018 (Audio)

DJ Green Lantern has been Nas’ DJ for years. The accomplished mixmaster who has worked with Eminem, The LOX, and dead prez has become a fixture in Nas’ stage show. A native of Rochester, New York, Green has also produced Ludacris’ Top 20-charting hit “Number One Spot,” Busta Rhymes’ Rick James collaboration, “In The Ghetto,” and Immortal Technique’s “Bin Laden.”

Green Lantern puts a gentle-handed spin on Nas’ 2018 single “Cops Shot The Kid.” The NASIR moment featuring original producer Kanye West reached #96 on the Pop charts. Notably, the song samples a 30-year-old Def Jam Records classic in Slick Rick’s “Children’s Story.”

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On his take, Green lets that source sample breathe a bit more. In addition to MC Ricky D’s infectious and repetitive vocal, the producer/DJ uses elements of the Bob James’ “Nautilus” sample from the ’88 track. As Nas goes throwback with a song that shows that police brutality is ongoing, this light touch supports that point with sound.

Nas recently stated that he is fast at work on a NASIR follow-up that includes strong involvement from RZA and Swizz Beatz. The Queens MC has yet to drop a video to “Cops Shot The Kid.”