Royce 5’9, Jadakiss, Fabolous & Pusha-T’s Sizzling Bars Send Summer Off In Style (Video)

In two weeks, summer 2018 will come to a close. As he promised since springtime, Royce 5’9’s Book Of Ryan has had “Summer On Lock” in the ears of Hip-Hop fans. The independent LP featuring Eminem, J. Cole, Logic, and others was also a centerpiece in Ambrosia For Heads‘ best albums of 2018, so far, list.

One of the standout songs is “Summer On Lock.” The track features Nickel Nine doing what he does alongside Jadakiss, Fabolous, and a chorus from Pusha-T. All three guest MCs, as well as singer Agent Sasco, appear in the video. The visual makes viewers feel the heat of the summer, along with flashes of colder months in quick cuts. There are models, dirt-bikes, flashy BMW sports-cars, and plenty of theatrics in a video that leaves nothing on the table.

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Royce opens the track with action-packed rhymes like “Alky rappin’ with the passion of Christ / Curve-ball through the eye of the storm, I’m the calm ‘fore disaster could strike / The rocks on that watch on that dial gon’ shine loud / On you hustlers who out there in brownstones like the Huxtables / Y’all came to be euthanized, I can’t be de-humanized / I ain’t even human, I’m paying a communion wine / Cruisin’ in that Wraith, dog, like we came to offend haters / Shoot a ni**a face off like his neighbor is Tim Taylor / Racketeerin’ charge, tennis match in the yard / Y’all can finish that wack sh*t, then it’s back to the gods.

These late ’90s, early 2000s peers sound great together—all MCs who have hurdled their challenges, maintained dedicated fan-bases and gone on to run power moves in spite of industry setbacks. “Summer On Lock” joins five other 2018 Royce 5’9 songs on the official AFH audio playlist.

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#BonusBeat: AFH‘s footage of Royce 5’9″ performing “Caterpillar” less than three weeks ago at Red Rocks Amphitheater: