Action Bronson’s White Bronco Is A Different Kind Of Road Trip (Video)

Last Friday (September 21), Action Bronson dropped the lead single to his quickly approaching album White Bronco. The cut bares the same name as the LP, and this ultra jazzy joint was put together by Daringer and Special Victims Unit, Bronson’s house band from his late night show. It’s exactly the type of beat that brings the best out of Bam Bam. Now he is treating fans to the psychedelic visuals for this vibes-heavy tune.

In the extended instrumental intro, Bronsolino is setting a piece of wood aflame with a blowtorch. He then waves the smoking ember around in a very shamanistic fashion. It seems “White Bronco” is more like Action’s spirit animal than just a new alias. As Baklava finishes exhaling a huge toke, the drums kick in, and everything gets trippy. Most of the vid is close-ups of the F*ck That’s Delicious host’s face and the back of his head. However, the bugged out bit is how both surfaces then become the “screen” for vibrant nature footage. Bronson’s visage is filled with everything from tigers to a structure on fire, to a microscopic view of synapses. At one point we can see his brain glowing blue, and there’s a flaming bronco galloping in the center.

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Director Rik Cordero (JAY-Z, Nas, Slaughterhouse) executes this idea with a level of quality that feels major label, despite Bam Bam’s independence. Considering that this vid seems to have been filmed in Action’s kitchen, that’s quite the accomplishment. Many amateurs try similar techniques and end up with videos that look messy and ill-considered.