A New Video Shows How Brett Kavanaugh Would Have Been Questioned In Pulp Fiction

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The world waits to see what transpires next in the saga surrounding the potential Supreme Court nomination of Judge Brett Kavanaugh. As three women have come forward with accounts of sexual misconduct against the 53-year-old Republican nominee for Supreme Court Justice, Arizona Senator Jeff Flake requested an FBI investigation before confirming his vote. In doing so, the Republican official blocked the nomination for several days. The White House must decide if the investigation proceeds.

The news comes in a week that saw Kavanaugh’s first alleged victim, Christine Blasey Ford, testify under oath before the Senate Judiciary Committee of Kavanaugh sexually assaulting her in 1982. Asked of her level of certainty surrounding the recollection, the Palo Alto University professor said Thursday (September 27) that she was 100% sure of her testimony. Kavanaugh also spoke of the events in question, refuting the allegations.

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Sexual assault is not a joke. Christine Blasey Ford spoke at length about the damage the incident has caused her. Brett Kavanaugh was quick to point fingers while refuting the allegations, citing a political agenda. As the committee awaits decision from the White House, a Twitter user imagined if instead of a panel of politicians if “Jules Winnfield” from Pulp Fiction happened to lead the interrogation.

In one of Samuel L. Jackson’s greatest, Oscar-nominated roles, he asks the questions—from a memorable film scene. They just so happen to be directed at “Brett,” the Pulp Fiction character played by Frank Whaley. The mash-up is timed perfectly, with the Yale University graduate’s answers set against the career criminal’s sharp line of questioning. From beer, to education, to interruption, it is as if Quentin Tarantino’s script and Kavanaugh’s real-life testimony work seamlessly together. This is necessary comic relief, as the judicial system hangs in historical balance. There is also a quality jab at South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham, following his own dramatic defense of Kavanaugh yesterday.

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As Brett Kavanaugh’s political future remains to be determined, many can agree that “Jules Winnfield” would make a mighty fine politician in times like this. In a weird coincidence, both Jackson and Kavanaugh are Washington, D.C. natives.