Snoop, Chris Rivers & More Join A Compilation Celebrating Canadian Hip-Hop (Audio)

Canadian music site Different Kitchen has been shining a spotlight on up and coming talent for 15 years as of 2018. So, to celebrate this milestone, they put together Quinceañera: MARVELOUS 15H, a compilation featuring exclusive tracks from some of the site’s favorite acts. Now, if this sounds familiar, that’s because they also marked their 11th anniversary with a comp titled This One Goes To Eleven… The new collection features 15 songs to match the number of years D.K. has been championing new sounds online.

Just like the site, founded by music industry veteran Ian Steaman, this comp has a wide variety of flavors. There is everything from Southern Rap to House, to Live Hip-Hop, to Electronic. Different Kitchen brings back a bunch of names from their 2014 anthology, including Australian group Audego, ATL rapper J. Nolan, Shash’u associate Jai Nitai Lotus, as well as Toronto legend Saukrates. Now, of course, the song with Snoop Dogg, Chris Rivers, and Kuniva (of D12) will likely be the first cut that many Heads gravitate towards. It’s called “Lies & Rumors” and is by New York MC Matt Fingaz.

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But after hearing that posse cut, check out Toronto six-piece Hip-Hop band Grand Analog and their funky entry “Fly Away: Swing Low.” The group is fronted by Odario Williams, who hosts CBC Radio 2’s popular Afterdark show, and they dropped their lauded Survival album in ’17, which features De La Soul’s Posdnuos.

D.K. released a number of singles leading up to dropping this full album and “sirens” by Brooklyn-based Yellow Shoots is definitely the standout. The lazy day production and distinct vocals pair together perfectly. Also, the ethereal R&B stylings of Jeremy Glenn on “Able To Fall” deserve mention. As far as the more contemporary trap sound, Nate Husser (of The Posterz), Jordan Kahn, and Massiah all bring that youthful energy.

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Here’s to 15 more years.