Kurupt Explains How He & DMX Made Peace 20 Years After Their Beef Over Foxy Brown (Video)

Two years after the Tupac and Biggie Smalls beef came to a screeching and tragic halt, tensions lingered between East and West Coast Rap communities. At the center of a 1999 beef was Kurupt—whose role in 1995’s “New York, New York” helped escalate a feud to begin with. While the Death Row vs. Bad Boy feud lives in infamy, immortalized in films, books, and documentaries, Kurupt was still sending detonating disses to DMX, Ja Rule, Irv Gotti, 50 Cent, and others on 1999’s Streetz Iz A Mutha hidden bonus cut, “Calling Out Names.” Unlike the combat earlier in the decade, this conflict was over a woman and embarrassment.

Kurupt appeared on The Breakfast Club and spoke about some of the beefs that defined his 26-year-career. After rehashing the 1995 shooting incident in Red Hook, Brooklyn that ambushed a Dogg Pound and Snoop Dogg trailer, “Young Gotti” spoke about his problems with DMX. Ahead of late 1996’s Ill Na Na, Kurupt began a relationship with Foxy Brown that would ultimately lead to an engagement. However, the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania-to-Los Angeles, California transplant suspected infidelity between Fox Boogie and her Def Jam label-mate, DMX. The pair made “Dog & A Fox” on 1999’s Chyna Doll. Months later, Kurupt broke the engagement and proclaimed “Mothaf*ck D, mothaf*ck M, the only X I know is Xzibit and RBX,” followed by “Trying to steal my b*tch, you can have the b*tch / Two b*tches gettin’ rich / Just to come to the West Coast and get stripped down, beat to death, all over a b*tch,” on a scathing Fred Wreck-produced diss.

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Asked if the rumors of infidelity were true, “Totally,” confirmed the platinum MC around 18:00. “And I got offended. I did. I got offended at both of them. I got offended at everybody,” he replied when Charlamagne Tha God suggested that Foxy Brown was his sticking point with DMX. He explained how he learned of the creeping and the warnings he received. “I’m [Young] Gotti. People gon’ call. ‘Rick! You know Foxy and DMX was in the studio. Foxy and DMX this and that.’ Oh okay, you know, my peoples gon’ tell me, then they see them out doing some other things – not [just at] the studio. I talked to Inga. One thing you know, all of us can relate to [is] when a person is defensive when you ask a simple question, and they go on fire, it’s self-explanatory.” Back in the late ’90s, Kurupt felt that his worst fears were confirmed.

In 2003, Foxy Brown told The Wendy Williams Show that she and DMX “never had anything,” while blaming Eve for getting in the middle of the engaged couple who had since separated.

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On TBC, Kurupt says that music worsened the problem. “Then she took one of my concepts. We were going to make a record called ‘The Dog & The Fox,’ and she went and did it with Earl,” he continued. “So I was like, ‘Ah man. We know where this is getting to.’ Then Nas didn’t approve of us at first. He got on XXL [magazine] and responded to Foxy and Kurupt and was like, ‘She should be with someone from New York.’ It wasn’t really dissing, but it wasn’t really approval that she should be with Kurupt. So I just felt like New York was picking on me, man. I understand why they mad because we didn’t have such a great beginning. Now that I got Inga, she’s number one. It’s like Inga’s with the guy who’s kicking over the buildings and created this mess. ‘Foxy, what are you doing?’ Everybody picking on me, I’m just going to go back to California, and I’m going to give everybody a piece of my mind.” At the time, Foxy Brown was still active with The Firm’s Nas, AZ, and Nature. While Kurupt decried Ruff Ryders, The Firm, and the cast of Belly by name on the song (while giving The LOX a pass), he also pardoned JAY-Z, N.O.R.E., Buckshot, Wu-Tang Clan, Def Squad, and Canibus.

In the interview, Kurupt also said that he made amends with X, but it took him over 20 years to do so. At 22:00, he recalled approaching D at LAX airport in 2017 and squashed all of their differences through conversation. “I went to go [talk to him], and we’ve been cool ever since.” He echoed Charlamagne that the beef took two decades to squash. “Come to find out he was real cool; we had a great conversation. We been flying it out ever since.” DMX is currently serving a one-year sentence after failing to comply with bail.

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Before describing his beef with X, Kurupt described why he fell for Foxy Brown in the mid-’90s. “I’ve never been involved with somebody like that before,” he said. “She amazed me. Her rhymes was sick. That was a Hip Hop thing.” He also asserted that he never wrote any of the former chart-topping MC’s rhymes.

Elsewhere in the chat (27:00), Kurupt detailed Suge Knight and members of the Death Row Records roster (including Kurupt) urinating in a cup. That cup was offered, by Knight, to at least one former employee to drink, or they would have to suffer a vicious beating. At 29:00, the MC also recalled Dr. Dre being shot in each of his legs around 1993, without the press knowing about it. He explained that Suge Knight campaigned for Tha Dogg Pound when Interscope Records and other label brass were not as enthused. It is why the double-platinum Dogg Food was distributed through Priority. Kurupt said that Death Row had always planned The Lady Of Rage’s Necessary Roughness to follow the label’s two 1994 soundtracks. As Rage was meticulously working on an album that would eventually release in 1997, Suge green-lit Daz and Kurupt’s project. Kurupt also discussed his new deal through Universal Music Group and cutting back on alcohol, something he says got in the way of recent work.

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