Lute’s 2 New Freestyles Show J. Cole’s Ear For Talent Is Impeccable (Audio)

Lute made a strong impression with his debut album, West 1996 Pt. 2. The LP was released one year ago under J. Cole’s Dreamville Records. Back in 2015 while scouting talent in North Carolina, Cole stumbled across Charlotte’s Lute via YouTube. At the time, the MC was still employed at Walmart when Jermaine helped him get one step closer to his Rap dreams.

Although West 1996 is a real jewel in the Dreamville discography, a new double dose of freestyles pops as well. Lute commands in a thematic “Side A” and “Side B” renditions, certainly worthy of dubbing onto cassette tapes in any era. “Side A” is over Mobb Deep’s “The Learning (Burn)” (as produced by Havoc) while “Side B” is over an original Homage Beats record. Both freestyles exemplify Lute’s versatility as an MC.

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“Side A” is fitting to the beat as Lute credits his strength to lessons learned. “F*ck you mean I been that Ni**a since Jabo Jeans / I was 16 some days I wondered if my days were numbered / Some days I wish I knew what I do now when I was younger / Head above the water line I’m older sh*t can’t take me under.” His delivery is simple yet in your face.

In “Side B” Lute shows off his ability to drop jewels traditional to the root of a classic freestyle with his own spin. “I don’t preach I just keep it real / How can I touch a basis if you don’t know how to feel / Heart full of fear ‘cause you afraid to live / Fly on the wall, but you on Instagram reciting hooks by Lil Duval / How can you evolve?

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In early October, Lute will be performing at the annual A3C Hip Hop Festival and Conference in Atlanta. His 2017 LP features strong homages to OutKast’s “Git Up, Get Out” (see: “Git Up”) and Slum Village’s “Tainted” (see: “Premonition”). The Dreamville LP features Cam O’bi and EARTHGANG, among others.

#BonusBeat: Don’t sleep on 2017’s video to “Still Slummin'”: