WateRR’s Rhymes Are Most Refreshing When Served Over Ice Cold DirtyDiggs Beats (Video)

Chicago has been getting plenty of attention in the last couple years due to a new generation of artists like the Save Money crew (Chance The Rapper, Vic Mensa, Joey Purp, etc.), Mick Jenkins, NoName, Saba, and more. However, the Windy City also has a rich vein of new wave boom-bap that is starting to garner significant attention. This scene includes names like Vic Spencer, Chris Crack, Tree, and WateRR. The last in the grouping is a gravelly-voiced MC who may be imposing in size, but make no mistake, he’s even more of a threat on the mic. WateRR spits with precision, catching the snare perfectly with every line. He dropped an album midway through the summer titled Foundation Of Life, but it went under the radar for many. So, like any hungry artist, he has re-upped and is back with a new offering.

WateRR made a pilgrimage out to L.A. to link with blood-brother production duo, DirtyDiggs (Planet Asia, Rah Digga, Bambu). The outcome is Wizard Of The Crystal, some of illest music to come out of either entity. Known for bringing the best out of underground artists, Diggs’ JR and Noy One lace this Chitown rapper with just the right tempos and vibes. The lead single “Da Vinci” is the perfect example as W-A-T-E-Double-R effortlessly rides a simple organ loop and groovy bassline. The way his words fit together and the timbre he kicks them are guaranteed to draw listeners in. “I’m about a dollar, you pocket change / You don’t want no problems, so don’t bother my profit lane / Raking in the moolah / No Jacob but got a jeweler / Forsaken, that’s how they do us / Say grace and yell hallelujah.

On top of fly, soulful production, DD are also well-known for filming fresh videos. So, the visuals here capture WateRR kicking it at the beach and on the boardwalk; soaking in the sun while letting off missiles. Diggs’ angles and the way they frame shots deserves high praise.

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#BonusBeat: The latest single from WateRR x DirtyDiggs, “Trilateral Commission,” featuring Ty Farris & Recognize Ali: