Reason Is Next Up In A Long Line Of Great West Coast MCs (Video)

Carson rapper Reason is TDE’s latest signee, and he’s already proving he has what it takes to join the roster. Early last month, Reason dropped video single “The Soul,” a raw, hard-hitting verse delivered with a doozy of a flow above an equally triumphant instrumental. Within his first few bars, he detailed his determination to sign with TDE and join in the ranks of some of the greatest rappers today (“Ni**as told me, ‘spot’s taken,’ ni**a, it’s Reason, word to Liam Neeson / If it’s taken once then you can take it twice.”). This week, Reason is closing the summer season out with a nostalgic video banger, “Summer Up.” And per usual, the MC snaps.

Drenched in ’80s camera filters, apparel and attitude, the video for “Summer Up” is a charming TDE visual—his third video since inking with the imprint. Here, Reason cruises around the city of palm trees and sunshine in his latest dream whip, proclaiming his motivational hook: “I’m tryin’ to get that new Benz for the summer up.” Both his delivery and cadence are reserved, stern. Though Reason is from the same city as Ab-Soul, he may be more in-tune with label-mate Jay Rock – an MC who spits forcefully with all of his breath, and barely spits metaphors as much as frank declarations.

Reason Uses His TDE Shine To Spotlight The Mixtape That Got Him Signed (Video)

“Summer Up” closes out with a powerful statement from Reason, detailing his purpose in Hip-Hop, and perhaps even why TDE signed him. “I’m tryin’ take steps so I can be the greatest / Hip-Hop dyin’, sh*t, I’m tryin’ keep it alive like incubators / F*ck patience for opportunity I’m finished waitin’, So know I put my heart in every statement / P asked me if Reason still workin’, sh*tNi**a, is Amber Rose still twerkin’, gold diggers still flirtin’? / Horny teens still jerkin’, all my ex’s still lurkin’ / Black lives still hurtin’, Black lives still hurtin’.r” As Reason closes out the summer, we’re all eagerly waiting for what he’s got in store this fall.

“The Soul” is currently included on Ambrosia For Heads’ official playlist.