Swizz Beatz Has Lil Wayne Sounding Better Than He Has In Years (Video)

Lil Wayne is fast at work on Tha Carter 5. The New Orleans, Louisiana superstar is now independent and has the business cleared away to launch whenever he feels. According to a recent Billboard cover story by Dan Rys, fans can expect the C5 detonation to be sometime this fall.

In the meantime, Weezy F. has some catching up to do. He’s been on high profile LPs this year, including releases by Nicki Minaj, Bun B, Freeway, and the Superfly soundtrack. However, it seems that the Young Money Billionaire may have given his best material as of late to Swizz Beatz. From the dusty David Axelrod looping of 2008’s “Dr. Carter” to “I Can Transform Ya” to the “It’s Me (Remix),” the Ruff Ryders super-producer knows how to make epic records with Wayne. “P.O.M.S. (Pistol On My Side)” is no exception.

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In the video to the just-released single, Weezy charms the camera with the expressions only a happy man can make. They are inside a graffiti-covered skate park. Special effect lighting splashes throughout, as Alicia Keys sits at the piano to accentuate his catchy track that she, her husband, and araabMUZIK created.

Wayne uses the moment to flash some of his mid-2000s-era mixtape wordplay. “Nina on my side, but she say you can call her ‘Nine’ / Divas on my side, so many they could form a line / Strippers on my side and I got ’em performin’ live / Hot girl in the bed and she prefer the warmer side/ Pistol on my side, I’m talkin’ ’bout the Army kind / Cita, that’s my moms, only had her and father time / Pistol on my side, you don’t wanna hear it harmonize / Numbers don’t lie, the #1 Stun—nevermind Tunechi in this b*tch, eyes lookin’ like Konnichiwa / Swizzy on the beat, I’ma beat it like policia / Burr, burr, burr, man the Uzi needs speech lessons / Pistol in my briefs, you don’t wanna get this brief message.” As he did so well between C2 and C3 a decade ago, Wayne uses the silliness of repetition to stuff with figurative language. He seems to address the settlement in talking about his mentor, Birdman in there, but won’t finish the thought.

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He spits more cleverness in verse 2 with some great rhyming cadences: “Pistol on my side, now he lyin’ like the media / Clips longer than encyclopedias, you’re readin’ ’em / Double barrel, long barrel, short barrel, medium / We ain’t hittin’ licks, we beatin’ ’em and then repeatin’ ’em / Sugar in the coffee, sugar in the Morphine / Sugar sweet codeine, it ain’t purple, then I’m barfing / Gang ride or die, like we sittin’ on Harley’s / Let the thing talk like it’s sittin’ on Maury.

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This song belongs to Swizz Beatz’ upcoming Poison LP. It will be his first in more than a decade. The 10-song album is co-executive produced by J. Cole and features Kendrick Lamar, Nas, Pusha-T, Jadakiss, 2 Chainz, Styles P, and this song by Wayne. It will not include the early 2017 JAY-Z, Nas, DMX, Jada’ track Swizz played while beat-battling Just Blaze.