Big Boi’s Tiny Desk Performance Is So Fresh & So Clean (Video)

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From the nearly flawless catalog he put together as half of OutKast to his celebrated solo catalog, Big Boi is a 25-year-legend in Hip-Hop. NPR released their latest Tiny Desk concert series episode, and it includes Big Boi and his Dungeon Family associate Sleepy Brown. The Organized Noize producer/singer performs his smooth, soulful hook during a rendition of “So Fresh So Clean” from OutKast’s fourth album Stankonia.

Accompanied by live bass guitar and a trumpeter, Big Boi rapped both his and Andre 3000’s verses (in 3 Stacks’ absence). He and the band also performed a rendition of “All Night” from Big Boi’s last solo album Boomiverse and “The Way You Move” (also featuring Sleepy Brown), the hit from the Daddy Fat Sax half of OutKast’s landmark 2003 double-disc release, Speakerboxxx/The Love Below.

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In 2018, Big Boi’s has been working behind the scenes. However, back in February, during the release of the Marvel movie Black Panther, he provided screenings of the film for hospice patients and families. As mentioned, Big Boi released his third solo studio album in June 2017. The MC/producer also played “Mayor Atkins” in Superfly, a Director X-led remake of the 1972 film Super Fly.

Last month, OutKast’s Aquemini celebrated its 20th birthday.