10 Years Later, The Cool Kids Drop A Stylish Sequel To The Song That Got Them Hot (Audio)

It was 2007 when The Cool Kids saw the release of their first commercial single, “Black Mags,” hot off the heels of their debut mixtape, Totally Flossed Out. Chuck Inglish and Sir Michael Rocks saw a glimpse of commercial success with their Hip-Hop love song about bicycles, and the duo saw their careers propel toward a moderate amount of fame and plenty of contemporary co-signs from rappers like Lupe Fiasco and Asher Roth in the progress. At the time, the duo became synonymous with the term “Hipster Rap” during a pre-Odd Future/Das Racist Internet age, due to the two’s colorful fashion choices, their sometimes odd subject matter, and versatile crossover appeal. Nevertheless, The Cool Kids created a sound that paid homage to the eras of Hip-Hop before them, all while having fun and showing off their unique rhyming/production skills.

The Cool Kids called it quits in 2012, but have since reunited in 2016. Last year saw the release of their sophomore record and comeback album, Special Edition Grand Master Deluxe. This year, we’ve been churning out a few loosies to prove the duo still have what it takes to craft a banger, 10 years after their debut. Today, however, The Cool Kids have released a sequel to the single the two rappers owe their success to: “Black Mags II.”

The Cool Kids & Their Rhymes Really Connect On This Slapper (Audio)

With a reworked beat from the original “Black Mags,” the duo craft yet another bicycle homage track, equipped with a deep bass synth reminiscent of early Odd Future production. Chuck Inglish kicks the track off with a journey down memory lane: “Pull a catwalk up the block in them new Grant Hills, it’s 96′ and my mama won’t let me live / I put them rims on the Schwinn like it’s rims on a Benz, red mags with the white slick BMX trend.” He also slyly nods the original track, rapping “Black Mags'” original, addicting sample loop, “Pedal down the foothills, wheelies on the front.” Mikey Rocks delivers the song’s simple one bar hook (“From the handlebar grips, to the dollars on my bike seat – my mags.”) before tapping into his own memory bank to recall his own bike moments. Although the song is an obvious grabber for old fans of the duo, “Black Mags II” is yet another reminder that the duo never left – they’ve just been sharpening their skills.

Photo from The Cool Kids’ Instagram.