Curren$y, Freddie Gibbs & Alchemist Are Money. Stream The Fetti Project (Audio)

In the Spring of 2015, Grand Theft Auto V was released for Microsoft Windows. It was a couple of years after the video game had initially hit consoles. So, to hype the release, Rockstar introduced new in-game features and commissioned Alchemist and Oh No (who had already formed Gangrene at the time) to put together a compilation for a new radio station. The well-received project was titled Welcome To Los Santos, but in the game, it is The Lab channel. One of the highlights on the album was “Fetti,” the pairing of the Jet Life pilot and ESGN’s Freddie Gibbs. Al and Oh No provide a silky-smooth Funk track that brings the “Iceberg Slim” out of Spitta and Gibbs. As good as the track was, fans did not think a full project was a possibility.

However, when Spitta, Gangsta Gibbs, and Alan The Chemist all started hyping a Fetti project on their socials, Heads were understandably excited. In one post, Andretti informed Gangsta Gibbs that he had laid all his verses and it was now on the Gary, Indiana to sew the album up. If it’s not clear, the album title is a portmanteau of these two MCs’ names, Freddie + Spitta Andretti = Fetti. To take the concept to the next level, the album artwork is all inspired by Fendi’s logo and trademark colors.

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Even from the titles of the nine songs that make up Fetti, you can tell this is player music. Example: “Now & Later Gators.” The duo sound like a parallel universe 8Ball & MJG, or even Aquemini zodiac disciples. ALC cooks up an assortment of flavors for this twosome, but all the cuts gel well. In fact, there are no pauses between tracks, they all connect end-to-end. An ATM sound-effect is the segue between “Location Remote” and “The Blow,” while stormy weather bridges “Now & Later Gators” and “No Window Tints.” This album was made to be listened to all the way through.

Regardless, there are some standout joints like the booger sugar anthem “The Blow” and the dark Gibbs solo, “Willie Lloyd.” On the latter song Freddie serves up an intense, “no breaths” flow and it’s vicious. Spitta gets a track all to himself as well titled “No Window Tints,” and it should tide over those fiending for new Al x Andretti since 2016’s The Carrollton Heist LP and the “Fat Albert” Craft Single.

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Freddie Gibbs is presently featured on the official Ambrosia For Heads playlist.