Posdnuos Delivers A Vintage Guest Verse On A Song That’s From The Soul (Video)

The eclectic Hip-Hop vets known as De La Soul have done some unexpected, yet outstanding collaborations in the last two decades. From their various cuts with the Gorillaz, to lesser-known ditties with Yo La Tengo, Propellerheads, and Oliver, to their own tracks with amazing vocalists like Chaka Khan, Little Dragon, and David Byrne, they seem to be able to gel with any sound. In fact, it seems like they pride themselves on it at this point in their careers.

Considering how popular he is these days, it may be hard for some to believe guitarist/vocalist Tom Misch started by just releasing tunes on Soundcloud in 2012. After a couple of years, this UK phenom not only gained a following but also got the attention of a number of established artists and media outlets. His COLORS performance has 3.2 million views, his NPR Tiny Desk is at 2.6 million, and his jam session with FKJ has a whopping 16 million. And at the height of this buzz, he dropped his debut album Geography earlier this year.

Take A 25-Year Ego-Trip Back To One Of De La Soul’s Best Videos

Misch’s laidback style works well with MCs of all kinds, which he proved on Geography by recording tracks with GoldLink, Loyle Carner, and De La Soul. The latter act guest on “It Runs Through Me,” a song on which Tom strums a light harmony that is perfect for Posdnuos to flip his calm and confident flow.

Now comes the video for this chill jam. For the visuals takes it back to the 1970s with the wardrobe and atmosphere. Polyester, afros, and the whole nine. For Plug 1’s verse, he shows up on an old wood-panel TV in the practice space they are rehearsing in. The founding Native Tongue member kills it with lines like: “Like church, the organ will invite the tears / Like birth, the cryin’ let you know I’m here / Held by the song that gave me a name / Dressed by the verse that gave me a claim / There’s just bass in the line, safe to inhale / And if you live well / Then longer years in this state, you will be / A timeless octave to play for the tree / That’s rooted in every single nerve in me / The nerve of he, who ignores the key.” Let that sink in.