Spice 1 Reveals He Was Considered For The Role Of O-Dog In “Menace II Society” (Video)

Spice 1 was a driving force in 1993’s Menace II Society soundtrack. Released on Jive Records, the platinum-certified compilation opens with Spice’s “Trigga Gots No Heart.” The E-A-Ski and CMT-produced song became a single from the audio companion to Allen and Albert Hughes’ film. Spice’s longtime collaborator MC Eiht followed with a soundtrack hit of his own, “Streiht Up Menace.”

Eiht played “A-Wax” in the film. Spice 1 now reveals that he originally in strong consideration to be in the film too. In an interview with VladTV, the onetime Too Short protege reveals that he was offered the part of “Kevin ‘O-Dog’ Anderson,” eventually played by Larenz Tate.

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At 5:10, Spice explains, “My manager never followed up with staying in touch with the Hughes Brothers, as far as I knew. I had the script and everything. I was reading the script. On my new song, I say something about losing a role and it really f*cked with me. After I see Larenz Tate, [Menace II Society], it catapulted his movie career.”

Moments later, Spice reflects, “I just wish they’d given me a [second] chance, ’cause I know I could’ve killed that sh*t. It wouldn’t have even been acting; it would’ve just been some sh*t I’d already been through. [Laughs] He f*ckin’ killed [that role, though]! I was watching it [and cringing].”

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Spice points out that on his eponymous debut, “Money Or Murder” begins with “Should I get St. Ides or Olde E?” “To see ‘O-Dog’ walk in [the deli] and say, ‘should we get St. Ides or Olde E?’ melted me, dude! It melted me all the way down. ‘That was me, man! Damn! What is that? Man, that’s what I said!'” Spice’s song released more than a year before the film.

In the interview, Spice says “Trigga Gots No Heart” became his biggest song. He also describes the fallout between Tupac Shakur and the Hughes Brothers, as Pac was originally cast to be in the film as well.

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Earlier this year, Spice released an album, Thug Candy.

#BonusBeat: Menace II Society’s opening scene that Spice refers to:

Photograph from Spice 1’s Instagram.