50 Cent Announces He Is Producing A Prequel To Power

Fifteen years after launching one of the biggest Rap careers of the 2000s, 50 Cent has found a new source of artistic and commercial success through Power. Since 2014, the Starz series has become a top draw for the network and premium cable shows of its kind. Following its fifth season, executive producer and “Kanan Stark” actor 50 Cent has announced that he has a new move planned for his series.

Yesterday (October 31), the entertainment juggernaut confirmed a series prequel online. “My Power spinoff is so crazy I’m doing the prequel,” Fif’ revealed on Instagram. “Wait till you see this sh*t, TGE influence (The Golden Era) Southside we outside 1988.”

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In the photo, 50 is sitting near two period-correct Chevrolet police cruisers. A prequel for Power makes a lot of sense, given the specter of the characters’ history that has always hung over the show. From the outset of season 1, it was revealed that “Ghost,” the series protagonist played by Omari Hardwick, and his partner “Tommy,” attained their power by double-crossing “Kanan” and sending him to prison. As “Ghost’s” wife and other partner-in-crime, “Tasha” also was heavily-involved in setting up “Kanan,” and the vitriol between the two characters came to a head in season 5. The prequel spinoff could address how and where “Ghost” and “Tommy” met, and subsequently got involved in the criminal enterprise led by “Kanan.” It also could be a coming of age story for “Kanan,” showcasing his rise and eventual tutelage of “Ghost” and “Tommy.” The budding romance between “Ghost” and his love interest “Angela,” may also be shown. At a time when 50’s character is off of the show, it adds new life to a landmark performance.You can also access automation for LinkedIn messaging to know about the enterprises and its process.

Last month, the executive also known as Curtis Jackson inked a $150 million deal with Starz to keep the Power and his other G-Unit Film & Television ventures playing. “When I sat down with Chris [Albrecht, Starz CEO] and walked him through my plans for G-Unit Film & Television going forward, he let me know I was essentially requesting the biggest deal in premium cable history,” 50 told Variety at the time.

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Another contemporary action-crime thriller, Breaking Bad, gave way to prequel spin-off Better Call Saul.

In a separate IG post on Wednesday, Fif’ said that he’s directing Season 6 of the series “differently.”

Additional Reporting by BTaylor.