Big K.R.I.T. Releases 2 Songs That Nod To UGK, Too Short & The Isley Brothers

Two weeks ago Big K.R.I.T. surprised fans with a three-track EP called Thrice X. It was the first time since the Meridian, Mississippi native released solo music since his third LP, 2017’s 4eva Is A Mighty Long Time.

Now, Big K.R.I.T. is dropping even more music to finish off 2018 in the right way with a two-track EP called Double Down. The first song, “Learned From Texas,” is an homage to the ’90s Houston days of UGK and Screwed Up Click, during which Krizzle relays how the southern state provided him with a lot of musical inspiration. “I just wanna pull up (pull up, pull up) / Like UGK used to double cup the fluid (party),” he sings in the track’s chorus. “DJ Screw chop suey / Learning sh*t from Texas / Swangin’ that bubble out Lexus / Leaning out every exit / Popping that trunk so reckless.” Like his mixtapes long before notoriety, K.R.I.T. thrives making car songs over booming beats (that often sound incredible in the whip). The formula works, and the results are welcome.

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On the second song “Pick Yourself Up,” K.R.I.T. raps over a super funky beat and explains the importance of hard work and believing in one’s dreams. “Income tax check, you blow that sh*t / Body foreign, they repo that sh*t,” he raps. “She leave your d*ck dry, that ain’t your b*tch / Your partners made it rain but you ain’t Tip / Lame ni**a, fame get ya nuthin’ but cameras and lights / Money on the table, you want friends in life.” The double-threat offers wisdom on his own terms. Meanwhile, the track interpolates two songs that presumably influenced Krizzle: The Isley Brothers’ “Between The Sheets” and Too Short’s “Freaky Tales.”

Double Down is being released in coordination with Big K.R.I.T.’s #GloriousChallenge, which was launched earlier this week and challenges his followers to upload a video of themselves freestyling to the song’s beat. The Top 8 entries have already been selected by the Third Coast Representa with a winner being crowned on Monday (December 3).