Ice Cube Readies 1st Album In Nearly A Decade & He’s Coming Out Swinging (Video)

After years of preparation, Ice Cube’s first album since 2010 is due in just over a month. Following his recent celebration of Death Certificate‘s 25th birthday, the N.W.A. and Westside Connection alum is keeping politically and socially-minded Rap on his agenda.

Everythang’s Corrupt is currently planned for a December 7 release, according to an Instagram post from Cube one week ago. One of the most respected MCs in Hip-Hop history uses the Midterm election day to show what’s on his mind. “Arrest The President” lives up to its title as the artist known for making provocative Rap is at it again. He urges all of his listeners to make their voices heard at the polls.

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In a video clip, Cube spits: “It’s the warlord, bring the voodoo / When I bail through, it’s crazy like Bellevue / What they tell you? / Leave that boy alone / Like Home Alone / F*ck a skull-and-bones / Arrest the President / You got the evidence / Dat ni**a is Russian intelligence / You so basic / Wit’cha vape stick / Let’s go ape-sh*t in the matrix.” After the sampling of bars and the title chorus, the Hollywood star ignites his blunt. Cube is lighting up literally and figuratively. The video features footage of several events in America that have happened since Donald Trump was elected to office, including the white supremacy march in Charlottesville.


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Cuffs are ready… Get out there and vote. #ArrestThePresident droppin this Friday #EverythangsCorrupt

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The full video is planned for release this Friday (November 9). In 2010, Cube released I Am The West on his Lench Mob imprint. That LP featured Connect-gang band-mate WC on multiple songs, as well as fellow West Coast rhyme veterans Jayo Felony and Maylay.

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Although Cube has taken his time between albums, he released new and equally provocative music last year. “Good Cop, Bad Cop,” part of the 25th-anniversary deluxe edition re-release (which includes several new songs) of Death Certificate became a music video that showed police brutality through a sequence in Cube’s life and career.

The media mogul is also currently putting the finishing touches on his final Friday film.

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#BonusBeat: This is believed to be the Everythang’s Corrupt artwork:


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December 7, 2018. A day that will live in Infamy…

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