All It Takes Is 1 Drink To Get MF DOOM & Madlib Animated (Video)

Next year marks the 15th anniversary of MM.. Food, one of MF DOOM’s most celebrated solo albums. It dropped in 2004, the same year DOOM’s collaborative album with Madlib, Madvillainy arrived and was the first of his solo works to be released via Rhymesayers Entertainment. Somewhat conceptual in its delivery, the album features tons of facetious references to food (songs like “Poo-Putt Platter,” “Gumbo” and “Kon Karne,” for example). It also reinforced DOOM’s brand of inculcating in his listeners the idea of him as a villainous, irreverent threat to rappers.

On  MM.. Food, Madvillain made an informal appearance on the Madlib-produced “One Beer,” a perfect example of DOOM’s irreverence towards his competitors in Rap:

There’s only one beer left /
Rappers screaming all in our ears like we’re deaf
Tempt me, do a number on the label /
Eat up all their MCs and drink ’em under the table /
Like, “It’s on me—put it on my tab, kid” / 
However you get there, foot it, cab it, iron horse it /
You’re leaving on your face, forfeit

Earlier this week, Rhymesayers toasted to MM.. Food‘s 14th anniversary with the release of an animated video for “One Beer.” Illustrated by Philadelphia visual artist Anhia Zaira Santana (a.k.a. Distortedd), it’s a cartoon-styled take Japanese anime, fitting in line with DOOM’s proclivity for comic-book references in his lyrics. Most of the characters are one-eyed like Cyclops (even Lord Quas, who makes a cameo).

The video has been released in conjunction with a limited capsule collection of T-shirts inspired by “One Beer.” The already sold-out merch will likely be expanded for next year’s 15th anniversary.