Chicago’s Dyzzi & His DivSel Crew Have A Special Blend Of Hip-Hop Brewing

Nineteen-year-old Dyzzi has released the video for “DivSel.” The single, produced by MarvyMarv and directed by Chris Peterson, also features KReal and cameos from other DivSel members. It belongs to his upcoming LP, KidsBackThen, releasing on Below System Records (Masta Ace, Chuuwee, Phat Kat). The crew, short for “Diverse Selection” is a collective of young MCs hailing from Milwaukee—although Dyzzi originally represents the nearby Chicago.

The video begins with Dyzzi and KReal clowning over who will drop their verse first, which sets the tone for dynamic imagery throughout the video. Take heed not only to the polished bars from the duo but pay close attention to their attire, surroundings, and brotherhood. Hip-Hop purists will embrace this group of MCs who are sipping on iced tea rocking Beavis And Butt-head tees, and lounge gear with crisp new kicks. This is quite the rarity from trending unoriginal and repetitive visuals released by other young rappers in the industry. Dyzzi also incorporates diverse neighborhoods, cities and even Milwaukee landmarks as a way to visually express his pride for “the Cream City.”

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The video continues as Dyzzi and KReal link up with other DivSel members and introduce themselves to the world setting off candid and what feels like unscripted lyrics. “Diverse elation we winning / Don’t need no reffin’ I’m cooking up these meals with my pen / Just give me a second a cool cat but I don’t got nine lives / Repeat it back P- *- S- S- Y  I am F- L- Y and also S-L-Y.”  Dyzzi also includes other members in his “DivSel” tale which captures their personal niches and gives listeners a real sense of their bond. “We got KReal, who will hit you with the quickness / And yes we got Chaz, he really goofy with the chains and rubies / And he stretching money like his name is loofy / Solo, Eli, Huey and even Neil / I came with the whole team so you know the f*cking deal.”

Dyzzi and KReal provide a ’90s reminiscent cadence over production of the same ilk. This is cleverly done to entice the ‘next generation’ and to spread some shine on the culture and altruism that Hip-Hop offers.

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Earlier this year, Dyzzi released Same Clothes As Yesterday.

Photograph provided by Dyzzi.

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