Black Thought Says He Is The Hip-Hop People’s Champ In A League Of His Own

One week ago, Black Thought released the second installment of his Streams Of Thought album series. Salaam Remi, the Queens, New Yorker recognized for his extensive work with Amy Winehouse and Nas, produces this new project.

Ahead of the release, Tariq Trotter released the visual to “Conception,” featuring his singing (under the alias of Reek Ruffin, a nod to Temptations’ David Ruffin) right alongside his exquisite rapping. The second video is for “Streets,” a song featuring Tish Hyman.

Black Thought & Salaam Remi Explain Why Thought’s New Album Sounds Different

For the black-and-white video (which aired as part of Monday evening’s Monday Night Football halftime show), Thought returns to Philadelphia’s South Street Bridge. Shut down for filming, Thought and Tish perform on a chilly night, with The Roots’ Stro Elliot and longtime DJ J. Period behind him, in addition to a horn sextet.

The scenic South Street Bridge connects the University City section of West Philly with Center City, while also serving as the thoroughfare that historically divided a blue-collar residential community from its well-heeled neighbors.

Black Thought Is A Top Notch MC. His New Song Shows He’s A Great Singer Too

Tariq the people’s champ from the equal team / Try’na keep it clean ‘long as all my people solid deen / I’ve been in the music scene long as Allen Leeds / Make they salaries, still accumulatin’ calories / Demonstratin’ how to breathe, Senegalese, Genovese / I been a reason to freeze, reek G’s in the league / On my own, gettin’ cheese / I will hurt Hercules, I will merc most MCs / I’m the last one to show up, the first one to leave the crime scene / The obscene, Salam theme, the ridiculous rhyme scheme / The stick to the grind gene, the hell with the hygiene,” he raps in the first verse. Hyman takes the chorus.

The video is an abbreviated version of the 3-plus-minute song.

Listen to Streams Of Thought, Vol. 2. There are several Black Thought videos, including interviews, available on AFH TV.