Ghostface Killah & CZARFACE Are Making An Album Together. Hear The 1st Single

At the top of the decade, Wu-Tang Clan’s Inspectah Deck made some of the most remarkable material of his career after he formed a group with Underground Hip-Hop stalwarts 7L & Esoteric. CZARFACE became more than just a super-group of the “Speaking Real Words” collaborators from way back. Modeled after a combined affinity for comic books, the trio stacked a sum arguably greater than its parts in the form of a fictional villain that wreaked havoc with hardcore Hip-Hop.

A handful of albums later, and CZARFACE is certainly a brand that Heads can trust. Moreover, the union provided a unique path for the Rebel I.N.S. While few Clan members have done more for group LPs than Deck, his solo career has not always been a reflection of the stunning vocal talent. With a new universe, the Bronx-born contingent of the Wu has thrived.

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After four releases as a trio, in 2018, Deck, Eso’, and 7L invited DOOM to their cypher. Czarface Meets Metal Face was just that, and a strong late 2010s showcase for both parties. It now appears that the rhyme czars are keeping that guest formula going.

Ghostface Killah is joining the fold for 2019’s predictably-titled Czarface Meets Ghostface. G.F.K. was a ground-floor supporter of the New York-to-Boston link dating back to 2013’s “Savagely Attack” (embedded below). Now, he gets down for a full-length 12-song union, as confirmed by Esoteric. The LP drops February 15, 2019, getting some early ink on many Rap fans’ calendars for next year.

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First single “Iron Claw” shows the chemistry of wordplay, chips on shoulders, and elite lyricism. Deck kicks off the track with a beat build around knocking drums. A repeat vocal urges “don’t push me” as these MCs back off challengers. Ghost’ spits next, ranting at people who test him. His flows speeds up showing a passion and intensity commonly associated with Tony Starks. Esoteric closes down the rhymes with a more relaxed flow than he is sometimes known for. The beat changes as the New England MC’s verses end.

Heads who follows CZARFACE closely should note that DJ 7L has a production partner on this affair, Jeremy Page. Together, they are the Czar-Keys (perhaps a nod to The Bar-Kays).

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2018 was busy for G.F.K. In October, he released The Lost Tapes, and some additional remix companions.

#BonusBeat: “Savagely Attack” is worth re-visitation: