Ice Cube Returns To His Old Sound For His New Album & It’s Filled With Funk

Almost 25 years ago, Ice Cube was front-and-center for a Rap renaissance surrounding Parliament Funkadelic. In 1992, Cube’s N.W.A. homie Dre brought G-Funk to the mainstream. However, even before that, Cube and his team produced Del The Funky Homosapien’s 1991 debut, I Wish My Brother George Was Here. The title was in reference to Uncle George Clinton in a Funk-Rap workshop for the Hieroglyphics MC. One year after Del’s LP, Cube popped into Dr. Dre’s “Let Me Ride” video, a gorgeous homage to the 1970s spaceship-rocking sounds of Clinton and his Funketeers.

On his solo albums, Cube rolled up his sleeves and used those sounds as his own flashlight. 1994’s “Bop Gun (One Nation)” (embedded below) involved George Clinton on a song that showed how one nation will always come together for a timeless groove.

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Cube and Clinton have maintained collaborative relations ever since. In 2016 Don Mega hopped on Funkadelic’s video remix to “Ain’t That Funkin’ Kinda Hard On You?” It was a momentous affair for Hip-Hop and Funk, as Kendrick Lamar and Cube rapped side-by-side.

Gearing up for this week’s Everything’s Corrupt, Cube switches gears from the recent “Arrest The President” single. This time, the mogul insists he’s got “That New Funkadelic” in a single that makes no bones about its influence from the “Atomic Dog” creator. The track contains a retro mid-’70s vibe. Cube balances his Hip-Hop legacy between Gangsta Rap, social commentary, and carrying on with the Funk. This song is the latest reminder to never forget the last part.

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Everythang’s Corrupt features Too Short and releases Friday (December 7). In 2014, Funkadelic dropped first ya gotta Shake the Gate. Earlier this year Parliament dropped Medicaid Fraud Dogg. This week, Del revisited his debut album and the artistic shift that followed, in a 25th-anniversary oral history of his sophomore, No Need For Alarm.

#BonusBeat: Ice Cube & George Clinton’s “Bop Gun (One Nation)”: