Locksmith Perfectly Sums Up The State Of Pop Culture In A 2 Minute Verse

As he gears up for his fourth studio album – Ali – Richmond, California MC Locksmith offers up a teaser with the official video to the aptly dubbed single “Prison.” The video finds the formerĀ  frontman of group Frontline all by his lonesome in the middle of a tariff, chock full of graffiti-tagged steel containers.

Armed with an unforgiving flow, the once famed battle rapper releases pure venom on all things related to a corrupt society, alternative programming and targeted branding. At the onset of the track, Lock’ takes aim at “imprisoned souls” like Kanye West, then all but forgives Lil Pump as a casualty of a society that has failed him. The public, as Locksmith sees it, has a duty to make the world a better place by rejecting nonsense and demanding more from its leaders – as in one Donald J. Trump.

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From the very beginning of the track, he makes his position clear: “The same reason Lil Pump is eatin’ off us / Is the same reason why Donald Trump is in office / We failed society as a whole / So how can you blame him when our President is a troll? / How can we blame kids when adults are hypocritical? / We say do as we say, not as we do, that’s the ritual / And Kanye said slavery was an amalgam / And two weeks later, you ni**as still bought his album.”

Lock’ continues to push the envelope, denouncing hustlers and law enforcement in the same breath: “I don’t trust the po’-po’ or the crack dealers / Both of them m’f*ckas attack ni**as / Now they controlling us through our Rap lyrics.” The message: neither has the Black man’s best interest at heart. If it sounds like he’s lost faith in humanity, Lock’ allows as much via the straightforward hook. “Everything’s a lie, everything’s a prison / Everything aside you don’t see the symptoms / Everything you try only feeds the system / Everything’s a lie, everything’s a prison.

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He weaves in and out of the yard as much as he does the beat, resisting to be controlled by current standards. “Educated through YouTube, it’s brutal / The literary stain for information is Google /
The Internet is our classroom / Graduate from your bathroom / And spew stupid sh*t like a gas fume.”

Finally, he puts that Cal Berkley degree to use, unleashing a rapid fire flow for emphasis. “I speak for what’s pressing / Feed from aggression / No need for discretion / I peep when ni**as least would expect it / I leapt in the matrix / Creeped up with a gleeful expression / A lethal obsession / So even in defeat it’s progression.

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Ali drops this Friday (December 7). Earlier this year, Locksmith partnered with Apollo Brown for No Question.