Sean Price Serves Up Vintage Humor In 1 Of His Final Video Appearances

Sean Price has been gone for more than three years, and yet his spirit lives on through music that is still releasing to the masses. The personality of the member of Heltah Skeltah, Boot Camp Clik, and Random Axe glistens in so many of the tracks that he touched in an expansive career of collaborations, mixtapes, and heralded solo albums.

The Duck Down Music legend made no exception to that in his final video appearance “Conceit.” The single with artist Mic Handz is off the two-song EP, Alive, which was planned to be a full-length project before the passing of Price. At that time, he was also planning an effort with M.O.P.’s Lil Fame, and The Pill, with La Coka Nostra/Non-Phixion/Heavy Metal Kings’ Ill Bill.

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The Mic Handz video begins with a stressed-out Price who is being badgered across social media platforms to record a guest verse. That artist happens to be Mic Handz. Sean’s Rap cliches, his irreverent humor, and aloof attitude bring the concept to life, as he deals with Mic online, on the phone, and more ensues.

As the plot thickens, P! attempts to start his morning routine when Handz pops up behind the shower curtain and refrigerator door delivering a polished set of ego risen bars. “Handz to you veteran ni**as never been better, than a fire / Trappin’, guttin’ and scrapin’ you ni**as lettermen.”

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A mind boggled Price flees his crib in the second half of the video and flips the script on Handz. The jocular MC is waiting, ninja style, for Handz in the back of his trunk, fully loaded with his rhymes.

The duo utilizes their unmatched chemistry to exemplify how conceit and excessive pride can be destructive. This is seen and heard far too often in the music industry. Handz and Price offer comedy to serve up a piece of humble pie. The visual also pokes for at thirst in the Rap industry.

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This year, Illa Ghee released the collaborative Metal Detectors EP with Sean. The late MC also appeared on albums by Jedi Mind Tricks and Shortfyuz.