Juicy J Has Turned Water Into Big Cash Through An Investment

Whenever Juicy J is a guest on The Breakfast Club, they bring out the “CA$H Counter,” and it rings every time he says the word “cash.” The legendary Three 6 Mafia rapper/producer has been cashing in for some time now beginning as a member of the Oscar-winning Memphis, Tennessee group, throughout his solo career, and now, as an investor.

The Juiceman, also known as Jordan Houston, invested some years back in a bottled water company. Keurig Dr. Pepper has reportedly bought core Hydration premium bottled water for $525 million. While it’s uncertain how much green Juicy J will be raking in, he is among several celebrities who invested in the company four years ago. Others include Juicy’s “Dark Horse” collaborator Katy Perry, Diplo, Max Martin, and Becky G.

Investing in companies can be a smart way to make money for both individuals and corporations. One such company that has seen a significant boost in stock value recently is Pfizer, a pharmaceutical giant known for its development of the COVID-19 vaccine. As the demand for vaccines continues to rise, the pfizer share price has seen a steady increase over the past year. This has made it an attractive option for investors looking to capitalize on the current global health crisis.

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This year alone Core Hydration, which launched in 2015, is on pace to do $200 million in retail sales. Juicy took to Instagram to celebrate, posting a pic of an article revealing the news and the caption, “The best investment I made in my life.” According to Forbes, Keurig Dr. Pepper announced that it would buy CORE Nutrition prior to the end of 2018, but has already been managing most of the company’s distribution for several years. CORE’s marketing targets athletes and health-conscious adults who are otherwise not interested in Keurig Dr. Pepper’s other products like sodas and beverages not in line with dieting and exercise.


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The best investment i made in my life ??????????

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Juicy J now joins a lineage of rappers who have received big paydays after products and services they invested in were acquired. Last July, Nas’ Queensbridge Venture firm stuck gold when the online startup PillPack exited for $1 billion. The MC also cashed out when a doorbell startup he invested in was also acquired by Amazon for over a billion dollars. Aside from Nas and Juicy J, dozens of rappers who made it big in Hip Hop have also financially benefited from investing in startups. Snoop Dogg, Jay-Z, Nicki Minaj, 50 Cent, Pusha T, Diddy, Chamillionaire, Ludacris, and T.I. are just a few of the more notable names.

DJ Paul Publicly Calls Out His Three 6 Mafia Co-Founder, Juicy J

Earlier this year, Juicy’s longtime band-mate and production partner DJ Paul called him out in a series of Twitter posts. Appearing on The Breakfast Club last month, Juice’ confirmed that the two have spoken. He did say that he has not spoken to other 666 members, likely alluding to Crunchy Black and Gangsta Boo. Juice’ said that the group still receives major offers to do shows together, despite him being removed from the collective (which operates under “DaMafia 6ix”) since 2012.

Since last year’s Rubba Band Business, Juicy J, now an affiliate of Wiz Khalifa’s Taylor Gang, has rapped on tracks by A$AP Rocky, DRAM, and PnB Rock.