André 3000 Delivers His First Rap Verse In More Than A Year. Listen Here.

Following a leaked tracklist at the top of the year, Electronic musician James Blake revealed his newest album, Assume Form, would arrive on January 18. Blake humbly embraced the leak hype by confirming Assume Form’s full tracklist on Instagram, and showed off which Hip-Hop heavyweights were on his collaboration list. Those featured artists included: Moses Sumney, Metro Boomin’, Travis Scott, and most notably, none other than the legendary ATLien himself, André 3000.

The two artists connect on the track “Where’s the Catch?,” with James Blake slowly setting the mood with a minimal piano loop and a sober vocal melody. “Alright, now this may be a little bit heady,” 3000 declares, just before unleashing a dizzying verse over Blake’s ever-building beat: “All my pets are mystic, keeps me in a cage / Aw, my head is twisted, keeps me spinning round for days / Exorcism pessimism has arisen, there’s no reason really / Treason to myself so silly / So perfect so perfect, so why do I look for curtains? / Uncertain but certainly false alarms alertin’ / A burden in beautiful times, a garden snake / Won’t bite me, but frightens me like I know I’m ate / I know I ain’t I know it, ay,” The two square off with realistic, borderline pessimistic lyricism that calls back to another James Blake-produced track, Frank Ocean’s “Solo (Reprise).”

Big Boi Buys The Dungeon Studio That Birthed Early OutKast Albums

André 3000 has been quiet since dropping two loosies last year: “Me&My (To Bury Your Parents),” a song written before the passing of his parents, but recorded after their deaths, and “Look Ma No Hands,” a 17-minute Jazz instrumental, which, interestingly enough, features James Blake on piano.

Blake has been an avid fan of OutKast and André 3000 for years now. In a 2011 interview with BlackBook, Blake spoke on the influence OutKast had on his early life. “I’m not from the States but I connected to some Hip-Hop—mainly instrumental stuff—in quite a big way,” he said. “And I found that André 3000 has this kind of self-awareness and introspection in almost all of his stuff that I felt like I identified with. It wasn’t necessarily the subject matter. It was the delivery, his rhythm, and his poise, and just the respect that he commands when he’s rapping.” James Blake also has production credits on JAY-Z’s 4:44, Travis Scott’s “the ends,” which also featured André 3000, Vince Staples’ “War Ready,” which samples a 3000 vocal from “ATLiens,” and aided with the production on the Grammy-nominated Black Panther soundtrack.

Andre 3000 Explains Why Big Boi Is The Best Rapper In OutKast

Although it’s unclear if André 3000 will be releasing any solo material anytime soon, the rapper has been vocal as to why his slowdown of music has happened. In an interview with GQ, the rapper revealed: “I’ve been working on producing a few artists. A couple projects. But here’s the crazy thing: I don’t have the pulse anymore. Rhythms change every generation. The intensity and the drums change. And I’m not on the pulse. I can’t pretend. It’s kinda like watching your uncle dance. So the only thing I can do is this kind of novelty, off thing for them.”

Before we’re likely to hear another verse from Three Stacks, the rapper actor will see a theatrical release of High Life, a sci-fi film in which André 3000 has a starring role. The movie will follow four criminals sent to outer space to find an alternative energy source. It will also star Robert Pattinson, Juliette Binoche, and Mia Goth. Distributed by A24, the studio that also brought Moonlight and Jonah Hill’s Mid90s to theaters, High Life will release on April 12, 2019.

Andre 3000’s New Sneaker Line Is Oh So Fresh & So Clean

Yesterday, Big Boi announced that he purchased the Dungeon Studios where OutKast made their earliest albums.

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