Dave Chappelle Details The Night R. Kelly Confronted Him With His Goons

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Earlier this week, Chappelle’s Show co-writer Neal Brennan revealed to The Breakfast Club that more than 15 years ago, R. Kelly and his entourage stepped to Dave Chappelle in Chicago. The confrontation took place as a response to the Comedy Central show’s “Pee On You” sketch. While Brennan said he was not present, he recalled that a “negotiation” between both parties’ “goons” took place to resolve the incident.

Dave Chappelle was there, and decided to work the event into his act last night (January 16) at Hollywood’s famed Improv comedy club. TMZ obtained video captured by someone in attendance. “I don’t know him; I never met him at all,” Chappelle tells the audience, referring to R. Kelly. Donnell Rawlings, also a Chappelle’s Show alum, interrupts to correct his friend. Donnell asks Dave to tell the crowd what Kelly said to the comedian when they saw each other.

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“Look…we was in the club. When that sketch came out, we was in Chicago at a Common show [pauses] and his goons bust in my room. I don’t know if they [were actually] his goons, but they sure did like him.” After a break in the clip, Rawlings asks Dave what was said, specifically. “He said, ‘How are you gonna do a video of me peeing on b*tches like that?’ I said, ‘How are you gonna do a video of you peeing on b*tches like that?'” Chappelle mimics the singer’s “Your Body’s Callin'” routine.

Moments later, the superstar comedian tells the audience, “Let’s just make a comedy where ni**as can just say what’s wrong. Yeah, it’s gotta be done. And I don’t want to ruin ni**as’ careers…” Chappelle points to the comedians in attendance. “Keep your balls intact. Say what needs to be said, and let’s get this work done.” After making another joke at the expense of R. Kelly lyrics, the comedian tells his peers that he has their back.

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R. Kelly’s allegations of sexual abuse and pedophilia have come under renewed examination this month, following Lifetime’s Surviving R. Kelly documentary.