MC Lyte & Positive K Reunite After 30 Years & They’re Still Not Havin’ It (Video)

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Thirty years ago, Positive K linked with MC Lyte to create the memorable video single “I’m Not Having It” from the First Priority Basement Flavor compilation. The conceptual song about suitors getting rejected from women endured. It arrived the same season as MC Lyte’s Lyte As A Rock debut, and played a role in the overall introduction of a lyrical legend. The song also became Pos K’s first song to crack the Rap charts. A few singles and four years later, the Brand Nubian affiliate found his own success with The Skills Dat Pay da Bills. Just as he did in the ’80s, Positive K’s biggest record was built around presenting himself as an overeager ladies’ man of sorts.

Just over 30 years later, the duo drops a sequel in the form of “I’m Still Not Having It.” While not quite using the instrumental that Audio Two’s Milk Dee provided 30 years ago, the 2019 version does follow the same back-and-forth narrative lyrically. “I ain’t seen you since years ago / Now you’re trying to give it to me like there you go,” Lyte raps on the song before diving into the hook, which also mirrors the original.

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“I find it incredible that after 30 years MC Lyte and I haven’t skipped a beat,” Positive K said in a press release. “We have just as much chemistry now as we did then; a duet album would be phenomenal.”

“I’ve always loved working with Positive K because that’s what he is, positive!” Lyte stated. “Working with him is easy and effortless.” The legend added that the basis of this beat references her favorite Bill Withers record, which Hip-Hop Heads know quite well.

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MC Lyte has been busy as of late. Musically, she performed during a Kennedy Center concert in her honor last September. This week, on Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, she delivered the keynote address at Hiram College just east of Cleveland, Ohio for their event honoring the great Civil Rights leader. Meanwhile, Positive K did a joint album with Nice & Smooth’s Greg Nice in 2017 called Gr8te Mindz.

#BonusBeat: Travel back to the original video for “I’m Not Havin’ It”: