AZ Is Not Part Of Marley Marl’s Crew But His Video Shows He’s Still Got Juice

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Last Friday (January 18), AZ premiered some new music at Ambrosia For Heads. “It’s Time” is a fitting title for the Brooklyn, New York O.G. who has teased fans with Doe Or Die 2 throughout the decade. This June makes it an even 10 years since S.O.S.A. put an album out, and Legendary served as more of a street appetizer than a meal from a Michelin chef of lyricism.

“It’s Time” showcases A’s take on Kool G Rap & DJ Polo’s “It’s A Demo.” AZ kicks his wise, street-savvy rhymes over Marley Marl’s signature mid-’80s production. “My first debut came through like Jeru / Played who? Ni**as smoking that cake too / Passed out, got clout they rap ’bout from the trap route / Try’na close on Shaq house / Still buzzin’ / Was the king of the kitchen oven / In the spot with two coke pots like kissin’-cousins / Scratch that / Too fly for flashbacks / Got my eyes on a G5 ‘craft, all matte black / More moula, dirt-bikes out in Dubai / F*ck 50 feet in the sky, I need a new high.” The demonstration shows that certain Rap music is timeless.

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In the new video, A delivers his rhymes to the camera while lampin’ in colorful bubble jackets in an artful space. The treatment is simple, but captures a vibe for an artist who frequently blends classic imagery with aspirational messages.

“It’s Time” is currently on AFH‘s official playlist.