Stro Is With Nas Now & He’s Ready For Mass Appeal (Video)

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Booklyn’s Stro The MC signed to Mass Appeal last October. It was the culmination of several years of work, and now the New York spitter is releasing his first content of the new year. Off of his Mass Appeal-released Nice 2 Meet You, Again EP, the rapper formerly known as Astro drops the video for “Waters.”

The first half of the visual mostly centralizes on Stro’s lyrical ability, which seemingly extends beyond his years (no surprise why Nas is a fan). He’s driving his BMW SUV around the neighborhood at night and delivering some braggadocio bars which complement the vibe so well. The delivery features an inflection in his voice at the top of each bar, making it unique. In the second half, the beat switches up, and Stro hops out of his vehicle and continues his lyrical assault.

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He closes in strong stride. “All of my bars prevail, you’re stuck in jail / Like nudes in the 90’s, so much p*ssy in the mail / Nowadays, my generation operatin’ through feminine ways / A dedicated MC before I heard it pays / But now, ain’t nothin’ free, dog / Need a couple G’s at least f*ckin’ with me, dog / I’m ill, actin’ like you don’t see, dog / But you a wolf, I know you’re pre, dog / I’m on that ass like toilet seat / I’m fly, plus I keep a lil shum shum like toiletries / And I deliver like they order me / This beat is wavy, I just came to test the waters, nothin’ more to see.” Stro has reached a new plateau, and approaching a decade after he appeared on Sha Stimuli’s My Soul To Keep album as a juvenile, he’s through working pro bono.

According to the Stro, Nice 2 Meet You, Again was a major transition for him both in his personal life and professionally. “[It] represents a new me and a new beginning,” he told Billboard‘s Carl Lamarre at the time of the project’s release. “There was a lot of ups and downs creating this project, but through the grace of God I’m able to say I got it done.”

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Stro follows a lineage of lyrical MCs Nas and his team have signed over the years. Mass Appeal has worked with Run The Jewels, Gangrene, Dave East, DJ Shadow, as well as the late J Dilla and Pimp C. Stro joins Fashawn, Ezri, Cantrell, and 070 Phi on a label tour, beginning next month: