Denzel Curry Covers Rage Against The Machine & Slays The Evil Empire

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Carol City, Florida’s Denzel Curry is one of the more energetic rappers to make it big over the last five years. The 23-year-old has recently worked with the Flatbush Zombies, Juicy J, and J.I.D. Originally a member of the Raider Klan, Curry’s solo career has been on a steady climb since 2014.

Last year’s Ta13oo album cracked the Top 30, and garnered plenty of critical acclaim. A close associate of the late XXXTentacion, the “Clout Cobain” artist is still reaching new fans while displaying his range. Moments ago, Denzel showed that while he is a Rap artist, some of his angst, energy, and commanding stage show applies to some sacred Rock music.

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As part of Australia’s “Like A Version” series by triple j, Curry covered Rage Against The Machine’s 1996 single, “Bulls On Parade.” Released 23 years ago this month, the song became a calling card for the band that included Zack de la Rocha, Tom Morello, Brad Wilk, and Tim Commerford. The last three are now in Prophets Of Rage with legendary MCs B-Real and Chuck D, along with DJ Lord.

The cover is big and bold. The Grammy-nominated song requires a lot. Playing with a stellar band, Curry adheres to the original, putting in his own emphatic flair. However, in the second verse, he delivers bars from his “SIRENS | Z1RENZ,” the Ta13oo track featuring J.I.D. which is embedded below.

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Denzel raps in short images, that together capture his frustrations with the times we are living in. It matches Zack’s mid-’90s songwriting perfectly, and makes this moment more than a flat cover. “Birds chirpin’, dogs barkin’, kids missin’, milk cartons / Soul dark as black markets, war is startin’, more Spartans / Historic prophets praise Muhammad / Diff’rent Strokes, ‘Phillip Drummond’ / Gave me crack, like I’m plumbin’, Jesus Christ, second comin’ / Cut myself, now I’m numbin’, never scared, never runnin’ / Chosen one, I’m 100, pray for me, pray for London / Guilty me, he ain’t done and gun me down, all for nothin’ / President in abundance, President is a puppet / Gotta hate it, gotta love it, pass a class, I rise above it / Wise enough, advise the public, pistol bust, screamin’ ‘f*ck it’ / Donald Trump, Donald Duck, what the f*ck is the difference? / Now we stuck, in a rut, this ain’t what I envisioned / What is what? What is guts when you don’t have intuition? / Not a saint, not a sin, tell me what’s my real religion? / Genocide, Genesis, they say it’s a new beginnin’ / I’m a sinner, you a sinner, I can see the devil grinnin’.

#BonusBeat: Denzel Curry’s “SIRENS | Z1RENZ” music video: