Mike Tyson Says He Had His Best Fight Ever When He Was High

Mike Tyson is the latest guest on B-Real’s The Smokebox. Iron Mike is joined by former NFL offensive tackle and fellow Brooklyn, New Yorker, Eben Britton. Sitting in the smoky ride with Cypress Hill’s front-man, Mike Tyson details his relationship with cannabis, which goes back to 1970s Brownsville, Brooklyn. Mike says that his mother used to give him the drug as well as wine to help him sleep as a child. “I just never stopped; I’ve been [smoking cannabis] since I was about 10 years old,” admits Mike.

The former undisputed Heavyweight Champion of boxing continues, “I always tell people, I should’ve smoked when I was fighting. I would have been a more relaxed person. I was too off the hook when I wasn’t smoking. Even now, if I wasn’t smoking, I’d be off the hook. I’d be uncomfortable with myself; I wouldn’t dig myself that much.” The 52-year-old adds that smoking marijuana makes him a better listener too.

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Britton, who played for the Jacksonville Jaguars and Chicago Bears, speaks about the relationship with drugs in his sport. “[Cannabis] was always my preferred source of pain management.” However, things work differently in a league with drug-testing for marijuana. “In the [NFL], it’s how they do things; every [player] has a prescription of pills, really powerful anti-inflammatory [pills] that just destroy your body. Then you’ve got the opiates which everybody is addicted to.” Eben says he experienced the complications from addiction first hand. “I would experience withdrawals after three days without taking them. I had shoulder surgery and back surgery. You get Vicodin; you get Percocet after games. You get this stuff throughout the season, whether you have a serious injury or not.”

Mike Tyson relates, and chimes in that with boxing, “I used to take those things without having injuries: Percocets.” Moments later he confirms that he also medicated with Vicodin and Oxycontin.

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Britton alleges that the trainers are more concerned with delivering results than possible complications. “You’re banged up, man. They’re thinking, ‘how do we get our guys back on the field as fast as possible.'” Iron Mike adds that in his experiences, doctors would prescribe whatever he wished. Moreover, fame adds another dimension to this relationship. “The doctor just wanna be your buddy,” Mike says. Eben states, “You’re revered [as a] warrior. They’re thinking, in their heads, ‘what can I do to help this guy do what he needs to do?'”

With a joint in his hand, Mike Tyson opens up further about using drugs during his professional boxing career, spanning 20 years between 1985 and 2005. “I used to train on Fentanyl. “Listen to me, I didn’t feel sh*t; I felt great. I didn’t feel sh*t; no pain. threw up with withdrawal.” Mike comments that Fentanyl has a close relationship with heroin, explaining those gruesome withdrawals with vomiting.

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While earlier in the conversation, Mike Tyson said he wished he fought while high on marijuana, he later reveals that he did do this in 2000’s fight with Andrew Golota, known as “The Showdown In Motown.” “[I did it] only once. I had my best fight too. Remember Andrew Golota? I smoked before the fight. I broke his eye-socket, cheekbone. He turned around; I went to punch him, I broke one of the bones in his back.” The Polish fighter refused to continue the fight between Round 2 and Round 3. Mike remembers, “He was so f*cked up after that fight, he had to quit; he stopped in the center of the ring like, ‘I can’t fight no more.’ They [did not] give him his money. I said, after that damage, ‘F*ck, give him the money.'”

While Mike does not address it, smoking cost him his victory in that fight. In early 2001, the Michigan Athletic Board suspended Tyson for refusing a pre-fight urine test and fined him $5,000. Days later, in January 2001, it was revealed that Mike failed the post-fight urine test. He was fined $200,000 and his victory was overturned. Meanwhile, Golota took a three-year hiatus from fighting.

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At the 8:00 mark, B-Real asks Tyson about the music that he listened to while training. “When I first started, I listened to a lot of LL Cool J [and] Run-D.M.C., stuff like that. Then I started listening to the underground rappers, like Keith Murray, Erick Sermon, and those guys. They were killin it. Redman, and all those [Def Squad] guys.”

Part 2 of The Smokebox with Mike Tyson is coming soon.