Nas Delivers A Verse That Reminds Hip-Hop Is Global

It was Nas’ onetime nemesis JAY-Z that famously proclaimed, “I’m not a businessman, I’m a business, man,” but Nasir Jones has also lived up to that ideal in the last half-decade. The venture capitalist has invested in everything from Lyft to Dropbox, and he doesn’t show any signs of slowing down. His Mass Appeal brand has been focusing on film and television as of late (in addition to new music), and the Queens, New York native even executive produced a Bollywood film entitled Gully Boy recently. The movie is being called India’s answer to 8 Mile, and it stars Ranveer Singh as an aspiring MC.

To support the film, Nasty Nas has recorded a single titled “NY Se Mumbai” with Divine, one of India’s top spitters and the inspiration for the film, as well as another East Indian recording artist named Naezy The Baa. Further, Gully Boy’s lead actor, Singh, does the hook on this soundtrack cut. This is a huge moment for Indian Hip-Hop, and the genre’s fans are ecstatic about the collaboration.

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Over a composition by producers XD Pro and iLL Wayno, Nasir Jones lays down an outstanding run of bars to set the tone. “Yo, I got eyes and ears everywhere / I see as high as the sky is / See a tick on a eagle feather / I hear with elephant ears / Hyena demeanor / Sink my teeth deep in wildebeest and eat up, I mean I’m / King of the animal kingdom / Bring some bags of money, hand over the green, son / Thoughts of a bedlam bandit with a machine gun / Of course ‘cause I’m a product of where I came from / I’m still mourning losses, still traumatized / My psychological trauma is now monetized / My life in a rap song is idolized / The price of that Rap song? Ask Spotify.” Now, that is a hard flex.

While they rhyme their verses in Hindi, it’s evident from their passion that Divine and Naezy are amped to be on a song with one of nicest lyricists to ever touch a mic. Nas’ co-sign should go a long way in opening up their scene.

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#BonusBeat: Q-Tip plays DJ Premier’s first version of the Nas classic “Memory Lane”:


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