First Method Man Rapped To A Trap Beat, Now It’s Redman’s Turn (Video)

UPDATE: Redman has released the “Trap House” music video, featuring Kazzie:

ORIGINAL FEBRUARY 6 STORY: In late 2018, Method Man tried his hand at a different kind of sound than typically associated with Wu-Tang Clan’s Iron Lung MC. From his recently-released Meth Lab Season 2: The Lithium project, “Killing The Game” found the Staten Island, New Yorker showing Rap fans that a nimble lyricist can have a party with the kind of beats that are popping in the mainstream.

In his first song of 2019, Redman does the same thing. While Redman is known for his self-production as well as acclaimed work with Erick Sermon, Rockwilder and others, “Trap House” is the track where the Gilla House founder tries his hand at the drum rolls with the synth accents.

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Despite the song’s name, Funk Doc’s definition of a trap house may as well be the recording studio. He spits, “I’m generatin’ them racks out / My trap house / Them are bars I’m writin’ to make you tap out / I’m killin’ sh*t, your girl gonna have to wear a black gown.” Moments later he adds, “My trap house, all day I got music on / I could feed your whole block, ni**a, with my food for thought / I can make you trip more cheaper than an Uber costs / Ni**a, recognize that I’m the boss / Red-man, I’m a legend / From the era of Makavelli,” he says of his late collaborator.

The song also features Kazzie (aka Kazzie Stoner). The New Jersey MC known for his “Yeah OK,” which Rick Ross, Fabolous, and Yo Gotti later hopped on for respective remixes. Notably, Kazzie grew up around the corner from Red’. The Def Squad legend gave the hopeful Rap advice since his teenage years.

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In 2018, Redman released several singles and videos, in addition to an appearance on Meth Lab Season 2: The Lithium. “Tear It Up” is presently included on Ambrosia For Heads‘ official playlist.