T.I. Shoots A Diss Record At Floyd Mayweather. Floyd Jabs Right Back.

As a part of Gucci’s Fall/Winter 2018 line, the Italian luxury brand released an $890 sweater that may eventually prove to cost the company millions. The pull-up sweater (embedded at the bottom of this story) was deemed offensive by many for its resemblance to racist caricatures of Black people. The brand used a white woman to model the item, pulled over her mouth.

While Gucci has released an apology in addition to pulling the item from its stores and online shop, many high-profile brand consumers in the Black community are not satisfied. In a recent post on Instagram, 50 Cent expressed his disdain for Gucci, even burning pieces for the camera. Soulja Boy has stated that he plans to remove his Gucci logo face tattoo. T.I. spoke out as well, condemning the brand, and calling for others to join him a boycott.

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While Floyd Mayweather, Jr. has been a close associate of 50 and Tip at points in the past, the promoter and former boxing champion seemingly does not feel the same way about Gucci. In a recent report by TMZ Sports, Mayweather, in front of a Gucci store, distanced himself from the boycott. “My thing is this: I like to live like [I want] and do what I like to do. I’m not no follower. If everybody say ‘wear this,’ or ‘don’t wear this,’ I’m gonna wear what the f*ck I want to wear.”

Questioned about the boycott, Floyd stated, “[People are] gonna be upset with me? I love it. I love it. I love it. See, the thing is this: I live for myself. I do what I want to do. I’m not a follower. You know when everybody else they say, ‘Everybody gonna boycott?’ I say, ‘Guess what, this boy gonna get on a yacht and live life.’” Floyd then walked away from cameras and into a Gucci store to make his next purchase.

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Tonight (February 14) Floyd Mayweather also took to Instagram to express his grievances and reflect on the hypocrisy he feels people have in boycotting things like Gucci and the NFL. He did so in a three-page post, which also called out members of the Rap community.

“These people are playing hopscotch. First, they’re supposedly boycotting the NFL. But as soon as the Super Bowl came around, they were either at the game, watching it on TV or throwing Super Bowl parties. Last week, it was [muting] R. Kelly, this week it’s [boycotting] Gucci. People boycott for [a] trend, but turn around and still shop at H&M and watch the NFL.” In the three-part post, Floyd also pointed to the fact that Kering, Gucci’s parent company, owns other brands, including Balenciaga and Alexander McQueen, which may go unnoticed in the boycott.

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The former champ also claims research suggests that Black communities are not purchasing luxury brands “on a large scale.” He also blames rappers advocating to boycott Gucci as being the same people injecting lyrics about violence, drugs, and sex into the Black community they claim to be defending. He accused these same people as being “deadbeat fathers and unfaithful husbands.”

T.I. is one Rap artist who took umbrage with Floyd’s position. The Grand Hustle CEO who has a history of making Trap music and Gangsta Rap threw verbal blows in his former friend’s direction. Newly-released diss song “F*ck Ni**a” attacks Floyd’s character, and accuses him of selling out. It also poses some important questions to a man who, according to T.I., is much wealthier than he is.

While Tip doesn’t mention Floyd by name, he uses his likeness for the track’s artwork, putting him in the sweater.  “Damn it must suck to be a f*ck ni***a / Ol’ greedy-ass ni**a only thinking ’bout his self / They get the fame they get the wealth / But people are struggling, who did you help? / People are struggling, who did you help? / Who did you help?” He charges with questions.

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Throughout the song, Tip sums up and extrapolates on his dissent, commenting on the person of interest’s lack of respect for the community and misuse of wealth.  “I ain’t made as much as you have / Purses you grab / Could feed some countries out in Africa / You just go buy a Lam’ / A Bugatti or somethin’ else that depreciate when you drive it off the lot and holler, ‘F*ck it’ / But f*ck it, I’ll change the subject / The greatest reward comes from obligation / You owe the generation after you / Since they gonna live in the world that you made / Man, where’s your gratitude? / You act like wasn’t no mo’ poor people struggling after you / Get you with the land / Ni**a, you trash.

As the song continues, the ATL MC does not back down. He keeps up with the questions for Floyd. He points to real issues that show why he refuses to be labeled “a fake advocate.” “I don’t give a f*ck how much money you have / What did you do with it, how did you use it? / To make an impact and influence the world for the better? / You rather go buy some jewelry, whatever / But never should you ever think that it’s going to last forever / As soon as you blink, it’ll be gone as quick as it came / And you talking about when you were doing your thing / Man, all of them profits, how many scholarships? / How many properties did you donate to the people in poverty? / Man, I bet if any it’s not enough, probably / Made it equivalent to hitting the lottery / Selfish, just make you a target for robbery / Could it be possibly you don’t know people are starving and dying? / Is this sh*t not on your mind? What is you thinking ’bout? / Just cause you make it out / Don’t mean you sh*t on people try’na be equal / Every day fighting oppression and you just gon’ side with the evil / Man, what do you care about? / Did you not hear about Black women missing? We don’t know their whereabouts / See, that’s what you should be calling the mayor about / Offer whatever is a fair amount / There’s a water crisis down in Flint and ain’t you from Michigan? / Where’s your empathy, ni**a?

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The Gucci sweater in question: