Yelawolf Calls Out White Rappers Who Are Not Really About Hip-Hop

Yelawolf’s Trunk Muzik 3 gear-up continues. Since the top of 2019, the Alabama MC/singer has supplied fans with a constant rollout of freestyles to show that Catfish Billy is about his bars. “Billy Goat Freestyle” is the latest and perhaps the boldest illustrations of the Shady Records MC brandishing his roots and consistency.

This display sees Yela’ explain why he believes he is a G.O.A.T. within his class, with some rhymes in the stream of consciousness. “See, I got haters by the carpool / They say I changed, that’s because I got a jar full / You primates / Monkey-ass white boys, lyin’, fake / Oh, you a Hip-Hop Head?, b*tch, your first record was Kan-ye / You just on a blind date / You get dumped with the rest of ’em when this current trend is over with, I’ll still be on my way,” he raps, with a unique pattern.

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A few bars later, Yela’ is still talking to trend chasers. “If you’re swag surfin’, then certainly, you’ll ride any wave / And you’re already dead, homie, so pick any grave.” He goes on to describe why he is forever a Slumerican hero. Ahead of the 2:00-mark, the MC switches into his double-time compound rhyme structures.

While rapping about frogs and dogs, whiskey and the proclamation that “melanin is irrelevant” when it comes to his Hip-Hop credibility. The last 90 seconds of the song finishes strong, before Yelawolf demonstrates that melodic singing ability that some fans heard before the rapping, on tracks like Slim Thug’s “I Run” single more than a decade ago.

#bonusbeat: This video and more are available on AFH TV.