Cypress Hill’s Entire Next Album Will Be Produced By Black Milk (Video)

In 2018, Cypress Hill released its ninth album (and first in eight years) with Elephants On Acid. The effort was fully produced by DJ Muggs, who co-founded the group. On 2010’s Rise Up, Muggs largely stepped aside on the boards to B-Real, as well as a cast including Pete Rock, Mike Shinoda, and Tom Morello, among others. Taking several years to make, Elephants… displayed the rapping of B and Sen Dog as well as Eric Bobo’s percussion with the group’s hit-maker.

During an interview with 24/7 Hip Hop, B-Real, Eric Bobo, and Sen Dog revealed that after their upcoming tour that will span June and July, Cypress Hill will be working on a new album entirely produced by a highly-respected Detroit, Michigan producer/DJ/musician and MC. “We also got new music in the can that we recorded not too long ago with Black Milk – [a] full album,” B-Real says just before the 6:00 mark. “[It’s] some Hip-Hop sh*t for sure – much different from Elephants On Acid. It’s more boom bapp-ish, if you will.”

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The Cypress’ MC trio praised Muggs’ large influence in making their 2018 album one of their strongest. “[Elephants On Acid] was pretty much [DJ Muggs’] brainchild in terms of the concept of it, and how he wanted the music to be and we always trusted his process,” B-Real describes. “As a group, we all have our roles in it, and his role is to come with the musical background, which births the vibe that we write to. We thought he had some pretty genius sh*t in terms of the ideas and the style in which he brought musically because it’s different than anything out there right now.”

B-Real also claims that Muggs’ influence is massive. “He influences a lot of producers. They may not admit it, but he does. And once he unleashes a sound there’s always someone trying to replicate it or do a version of it, so I think you’ll hear that. Who knows where he’ll go next.”

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Also during the interview, B-Real mentioned that the eight-year gap between group albums had to do with the fact that Cypress Hill was focused on solo endeavors, which is certainly currently true regarding DJ Muggs. In addition to Elephants…, the former 7A3 member has released a solo album, Soul Assassins: Dia del Asesinato, Frozen Angels with Meyhem Lauren, Kaos with Roc Marciano, Hells Roof with Eto, and just today (March 29), he dropped a full album with New Jersey MC called Tuez-Les Tous. The 12-track effort features appearances from Meyhem Lauren, Tha God Fahim, and Your Old Droog.

Last year, Black Milk released Fever, named one of Ambrosia For Heads‘ best albums of 2018.

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#BonusBeat: Cypress Hill’s recently-released video for Elephants… song “Pass The Knife.” The visual is directed by Myster DL for Ill Mannered: