IDK Is Locked & Loaded With An Aggressive Verse That Takes Aim At Logic (Video)

In 2019, so many Rap beefs seem to live in the subliminal. Fans are left to interpret verses, explore timelines, and analyze who MCs are speaking to. In his latest song, “Trigger Happy,” IDK leaves nothing to interpretation. The English-born, Prince George’s County, Maryland-raised MC claims that his presence threatens all of his Rap peers. In his second verse, the previously Adult Swim-backed MC names a name.

Logic and his manager tried to ruin my deal / I guess that’s what happens when you tell a ni**a who spent his whole career / Proving that he’s Black, that he ain’t Black still / But when you taking food out my fridge I ain’t gotta chill,” he raps on the song, criticizing the Gaithersburg, Maryland MC/producer. He then continues to throw jabs and claims Logic isn’t going to make this into a battle. “And that for real, this ain’t a diss / He won’t respond, this ain’t a risk / This is me sayin’ none of you bigger artists can c*ck-block sh*t / This industry is a b*tch / I been patiently waitin’ to blow / Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the IDK show.” Last month, on the “YouTube Rappers” video with Tech N9ne, Token took shots at the Def Jam star with multiple #1 albums.

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The 26-year-old then goes on to claim that no mainstream rapper can “c*ck-block him” lyrically and says he’s going to run Hip-Hop. In the Jason Mills-directed visual, IDK is shown in different locations spitting the heat and is definitely the background to the no holds barred bars being spit. Although the diss is strong and sharp, the MC makes it a song first and a shot second.

I heard so-and-so say so-and-so’s they only competition / I started laughin’, you must be kiddin’ / ‘Cause if so-and-so drop another so-and-so, you and I know your conversation is good riddance / With good mittens / You couldn’t catch any ball I’m pitchin’ / But this ain’t a game of bars, no / This is a game about who you with and who you know,” he raps earlier in the song.

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IDK, which stands for Ignorantly Delivering Knowledge, released his latest mixtape IDK & Friends last November, featuring Wale, Domo Genesis, and Denzel Curry. He’s currently working on his album Ishereal, which doesn’t have a publicly known release date as of yet.