Kxng Crooked Is Inspired By The X-Men & Attacks A Cube Beat Like A Wolverine (Audio)

While many Heads may have become fans of Kxng Crooked (fka Crooked I) during his time with Slaughterhouse, the Long Beach, California native had a significant fan-base as a solo artist all the way back to 1995. In fact, for a time he was the flagship artist of Death Row Records. However, after a frustrating and near fruitless stint on Suge Knight’s storied West Coast label, he really made his mark by starting the trend of dropping weekly freestyles/tracks. He launched the brilliant marketing campaign in the Spring of 2007 and ended it a year later. Yes, he dropped an impressive 52 joints in that span.

Now, a dozen years later, a rejuvenated Kxng Crooked is back on his weekly grind. He is already on his 11th installment of the 2019 run. This week’s edition is named after popular comic book character “Bishop,” who is a time-traveling mutant cop from the X-Men. This is fitting because these next level bars could easily be from the future.

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Over a beat that borrows its loop from Ice Cube’ “Bird In The Hand,” Crooked catches bodies like they were falling from the sky. He makes sure to name-check Cube right at the start of his barrage as a “what up.” His delivery and lyrics are so aggressive that it almost feels like he’s in an URL battle.

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He really hit the nails on the head when he kicks, “I rap like I started the whole Hip-Hop universe / Swallowed the God particle / And vomited a Nas article / I call an audible / The fans are gonna cheer / But the casual fans only want ‘the album of the year’ / And the purists only want an album with Premier / Meanwhile, I’m in Cali, khakis sagging on the pier / Like, what’s happening over here? / I only rap with juggernauts / Them other ni**as is scared, they studio doors double-lock / Picture that making my hustle stop / Still rocking watches I can’t pronounce like this Hublot…Hublo / I don’t know.”

The weekly’s continue to add flavor to 2019 every seven days. On the latest episode of Drink Champs, Crook’ joined Xzibit as a guest. He speaks at length about Slaughterhouse’s breakup, and why he is frustrated with a turn of events since 2017.