Logic’s New Video Shows The Deep Wounds Society Is Inflicting On Artists

Few artists with the profile of Logic are half as prolific. This week, Bobby Tarantino announced what appears to be his first commercial project in less than three years. After giving fans YSIV (which reached #2 on the charts) only last September, Bobby has another LP in the chamber already. Considering that he pulled together every surviving member of the Wu-Tang Clan for a song on the latest Young Sinatra installment, how will the Def Jam superstar up the ante?

This week he drops what appears to be the second official single and video from his now-revealed upcoming release, and it goes by the macabre title, “I Wrote This In Blood.” This cut embodies Bobby’s purist style of rapping as he lets people know where his head is at presently. He explains the pressures that come with fame and where the mounting stress can lead.

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He conveys a clear sense of the stress of always trying to live up to fan expectations, “Searching for bliss / Only led me to searching for hits / Only led me to badder depression / I done learned my lesson / ‘Cause fame never lessen the pain / What if your life was under a glass? / And people tried to dig up sh*t from your past / And tell you what’s good and what’s not / And every time you drop a song they say that it’s wack or it’s hot / And don’t give a damn that it came from the heart / They tear it apart like hyenas / This here for the dreamers / This here for the people that know what I’m saying / All of the people that know what I’m saying / F*ck social media telling me who I should be and just how I should rap / They always compare, they always compare me to others / And try to pit me up against my brothers / Now, why you think so many rappers be overdosin’ at the crib / ‘Cause people just won’t let them live.” The crescendo is a reference to one of Logic’s peers, Mac Miller. Mac fatally overdosed last September in his California home.

The end of the vid reveals in red text: “The 6ixth Studio Album From Logic, Confessions of A Dangerous Mind.” Seeing as Logic’s production partner-in-crime, 6ix, has his name right in the announcement, it’s a good likelihood that he will be handling the bulk of the beats on the project. 6ix has co-executive produced Logic’s catalog since Under Pressure, five years ago. He co-produced the recently-released “Keanu Reeves” single, as well as this new cut.

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Confessions Of A Dangerous Mind is also the title of a memoir and subsequent 2002 biopic of Chuck Barris (played by Sam Rockwell). He was a game-show host and creator who also claimed to be a former CIA assassin.

Music by Logic is presently on the official Ambrosia For Heads playlist.