Westside Gunn & Nick Grant Make Other MCs Pay The Price On A Soulful Collabo

Late last year, Nick Grant hopped on Westside Gunn’s “My First Draco.” The song is a slow Rap ballad that reminisces about the two MC’s come-up in the streets. The track was an inclusion on Hitler Wears Hermes VI. Now, Gunn and Grant are teaming up again for the Walterboro, South Carolina’s latest song release. On the Chillon Daviz-produced track, they revert back to some of the same tales of overcoming struggle. On the first verse, WSG rattles off some of his patented powder bars.

Hate the sin, love the sinner / You ever dropped the duffel bag off to the dealer?” he raps to open his verse. “Came back after three months looking richer? / Gunshots, now we got the zipper / Four in the morning backing up with Patricia / Off the same plate I ate my dinner.” Nick Grant, on the other hand, is a little more into relaying his cynicism about the Rap game. “Wanna hide it from a ni**a put it in writing / I never trust a label head, they quick to lose the excitement,” he raps. “Forever standing on my own but I’m crippled by vices / Loyalty is hard to teach to a b*tch with no guidance.

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Westside Gunn has been very busy musically lately. Last week, the Buffalo MC dropped three new tracks, “KARL,” “BUBBA CHUCK,” and “One More Hit Freestyle.” Last year, Gunn’s Supreme Blientele was named one of Ambrosia For Heads‘ “Top 15 Albums Of 2018.” Nick Grant had a busy 2018, dropping numerous videos and projects.

Regardless, it’s always flames when these two hop on a track together.

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#BonusBeat: Westside Gunn and Nick Grant’s “My First Draco”: