2 Chainz, E-40 & Lil Wayne Show Lyricism Lives In All Regions (Video)

2 Chainz may have taken more than a year to deliver his latest full-length album, Rap Or Go To The League, but most fans and critics agreed it has been a highlight within the 2019 Rap landscape. There would have been plenty of buzz behind a new release from the former Playaz Circle co-founder regardless of who was involved in it. But when it was announced LeBron James would A&R the LP, the March release garnered even more interest.

Chainz dropped the double single “Hot Wings (Are A Girl’s Best Friend)” featuring Ty Dolla Sign last Fall, and then just a couple of weeks ago hit Heads with “Rule The World” featuring Ariana Grande. The latter cut was the product of the Most Expensivest host and popular R&B singer squashing the controversy over the “Spend It” and “7 Rings.” The video for the song is an elaborate period piece.

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For his next video (following March’s “Money In The Way”) the Trap artist decided to go big…or maybe eccentric is a better description. The visuals for “2 Dollar Bill” seem to coincide with the chorus, “Like a 2 dollar bill, like a 2 dollar bill, like a 2 dollar bill, like a 2 dollar bill, I’m rare.” But instead of the footage being filled with expensive material rarities like Chainz’ show, it is jam-packed with bugged out characters and imagery. From Black quadruplets rocking matching German lederhosen (perhaps a nod to Willy Wonka), to some senior ladies lusting after a raw steak, to a gold-painted dude in a wheelchair tapping out the song’s snares on what looks like a Casio keyboard.

The beat by DJ Mustard, GLTTRYP, and Terrace Martin is perfect for E-40 to flex his blistering bars. He sparks off his stanza with, “Real, like real ni**as / Real like 12 figures / Real like wagyu steak / Real like ’88 Polaroid pictures / My bite is stronger than my bark / The sh*t like dog farts / Treat a Bugatti just like a f*cking Go-Kart / ‘Bout my business / And wit’ my soil as my witness / Only f*ck with real ni**as, them fake ni**as I had to dismiss / F*ck wit ‘em from a distance / I’ma  tycoon / Hella sharks in this business, they get a harpoon.” The Vallejo, California legend must breathe some rarified air to come up with this display of wordplay.

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Lil Wayne matches that energy with a pinball flow reminiscent of his mid-2000s mixtape work. “I’m high, mid-air, don’t vomit up here / Like the 13th floor, f*ck it, I’ma take the stairs / Like what 2 Chainz wears, sh*t’s from Rio de Janeiro / I’m rare, like a commercial with Future and Cher / Like a cop that’s fair, like a triple-double dare / I’m rare, really rare, you scared, you really scared I’m where? / I’m here and there, you stare, you disappear / Oh, yeah, that’s really real, that flare, them semis tear / That trigger softer than hair, silencer’s hearing-impaired / That’s rare, shoot up a fair, that’s rare, my goons don’t care / They bears, might get the chair, who cares? / They say their prayers.

While 2 Chainz is sometimes dismissed as simply a Trap artist, he completes the cross-country collaboration with style and grace. “Spit cold sh*t, need Mucinex / Diamond chain ’round my neck with the crucifix / Got a family now, so I gotta pipe down / ‘Fore a young h*e f*ck up my timeline / I wear my shades at night, like Corey Hart / Stopped trappin’ and the plug say I broke his heart / On a seafood diet, I don’t f*ck with pork / Foreign my safe drive, I got a lot of torque / Trap check, check, one two / She wanna split, dip, fondue / Shinin’, I’m in the sun-room / Life a b*tch, so you better use a condom.

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Kendrick Lamar, Chance The Rapper, and Travis Scott are also guests on Rap Or Go To The League.