The Jungle Brothers Are Back With A Song That Feels Like A Real Park Jam (Audio)

Throughout the last decade, the Jungle Brothers have been quite quiet when it has come to releasing music. Afrika Baby Bam, Mike Gee, and DJ Sammy B can still tear down a concert, evident in their 2016 New York City Roots Picnic display. However, these co-founders of the Native Tongues crew have not been as prolific in the 2010s as De La Soul, Dres, or A Tribe Called Quest. Beginning last summer, there have been reports that the drought is soon to end when it comes to fresh music out the Jungle.

DJ Yoda is a veteran turntablist/producer from London, England. Dating back to his 2006 LP, The Amazing Adventures Of DJ Yoda (see: “Playin’ Around”), he’s worked with the Jungle Brothers. Additionally, Yoda has cut album tracks with Action Bronson, Biz Markie, Akinyele, and Greg Nice. On this month’s Home Cooking, he brings Mike, Afrika, and company back to the fold. “Afrika” is a 2019 entry to a vast catalog, which honors some of Hip-Hop’s party roots.

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Although the track begins with some Blues harmonica, Yoda brings in the scratches to let listeners know it’s a purist Hip-Hop affair. Baby Bam kicks things off with a retro-sounding rhyme that boasts about his many “funky fresh styles.” The verse, which sounds like it was spit into a corded microphone used in the ’70s and early 1980s, has some popping punchlines all in the name of partying. Mike Gee comes in after Baby Bam’s chorus, keeping in line with the ’80s-inspired style. The JBeez break to an improvised routine based on a Christmas carol, while Yoda juggles the percussion under his turntable stylus. The song is dynamic and enjoyable, much like those captivating early releases from the trio.

Like Run and D.M.C. did for Jam Master Jay, and The Fresh Prince did for Jazzy Jeff, the MCs make much of the moment about their DJ. While it may not be the group member Sammy B, DJ Yoda’s years of paid dues make this a worthy tribute. Yoda has kept the cut-and-paste DJ/production style going for years, honoring the likes of Steinski & Double Dee, Coldcut, and others. As the Jungle Brothers segment ends, Yoda brings in some new media to send “Afrika” off in bilingual style.

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Last month, De La Soul credited Afrika with being the one who suggested the idea of the Native Tongues super-crew while appearing on Drink Champs.

#BonusBeat: Hip-Hop Heads can enjoy another highlight within Homecooking, the Edo G.-assisted “Roxbury”: