Nipsey Hussle & DJ Khaled Continue The Marathon In A Higher Place (Video)

Many in the Hip-Hop community have been vibrating on a higher frequency since Nipsey Hussle’s March 31 death. The Los Angeles rapper, business man and blossoming mogul left behind a monumental legacy and, as mournful as the mood has been in the wake of his murder, Nip left behind motivational blueprints for the rest of us. Like the clothing brand he founded, the marathon he began continues, and DJ Khaled is helping keep Nipsey’s words fresh in our minds.

Khaled released a new album, Father of Asahd, today (May 17). On it, he gathered some of Rap music’s biggest stars, including Nas, Lil Wayne, Rick Ross, Meek Mill and Cardi B. Without question, it’s the Nipsey Hussle feature at the forefront. Before the album’s release, Khaled made a statement on social media about the sensitivity surrounding “Higher,” the song featuring Nip. In it, he called the song “A gift from my brother Nipsey that we want to share with the world.” Considering the content of Nipsey’s work on the song, which has a Tupac-like eeriness in its foresightedness, it’s understandable that Khaled chose to introduce it to the world with great care.

DJ Khaled Releases 1 Of Nipsey Hussle’s Last Songs (Audio)

Now, DJ Khaled has released the music video for “Higher,” which also features John Legend. Directed by Eif Rivera, the video opens solemnly with “In Loving Memory of Nipsey Hussle.” The opening shot is of Nip donned in his signature blue, exiting a building of the same color. The sun blankets a South Central Los Angeles street, where Neighborhood Nipsey stays close to the community he loved so much. From a rooftop to the sidewalk, Nipsey represents the beauty and struggle of his surroundings. Police are present in the video but are only an afterthought. It’s the brilliant blue sky in the video that matters more.

Nipsey Hussle Proved His Dedication Far Beyond His Music

According to the Los Angeles Times, the video for “Higher” was filmed just days before Nipsey Hussle was murdered outside of his Marathon clothing store in his native Crenshaw district. The Grammy-nominated rapper died at 33.