Rapsody Dedicates A Song To The Strong Women Who Make Life Possible (Audio)

Rapsody has let the first half of 2019 on an unusually quiet note when it comes to music. Apart from a standout appearance on Smif-n-Wessun’s The All album alongside Musiq Soulchild (see: “Ocean Drive”), the North Carolina native has been working behind the scenes, presumably on work that follows up 2017’s Grammy-nominated Laila’s Wisdom album.

However, she has now released a thoughtful single, “Phylicia.” Using artwork that’s a portrait of Phylicia Rashad (aka “Claire Huxtable”), the song which features Buddy, looks at Rap’s real-life mother. 9th Wonder provides a warm, jazzy back-drop about a mom’s unconditional love. “Thinkin’ ’bout my mama, how she’d take my bad days away / She made my friends feel like my mama was they’s / They like, ‘Ya mama fine,’ I know she fine, y’all late / They trippin’, she like, ‘Better get your attitude straight’ / She got some big heels to fill, I really love the play-dates / I love the way she call me ‘baby’ when I come to say / ‘I missed you, mama’ she say / ‘Drama ain’t the way of the world’ / She taught me how to be a woman amongst a bunch of lil’ girls.” Rapsody credits the woman for giving her wisdom, and the same power she rapped about alongside Kendrick Lamar in ’17.

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The lyrics go on to to praise Rapsody’s mom’s parenting skills further. She allowed her daughter to become her own woman, while offering guidance and advice. Near the close of the cut, the MC raps, “She’s that super, superwoman, she’s a worker-bee / Career woman that comes home and works for free / Mama professional, a boss who still cooks and cleans / Takes a strong woman to bounce all them kinda things / Walk the line at jugglin’ life without no balance beams / All the while carrying a child, we the strongest beings / A Wonder Woman if you ever wondered what women bring / To the table, you ain’t able to live this life, I think / Love unconditional, weathered the storm / In this cold world there’s a place where you can go and feel warmth.

The elite MC makes a song that describes her mother and so many others. Released in conjunction with Mothers Day, this song stands tall year-round.

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Buddy provides the chorus, fresh off his accolades from 2018’s Harlan & Alondra, named one of Ambrosia For Heads‘ best albums of the year. Both Rapsody and Buddy currently have music on AFH‘s official playlist.