Wu-Tang Clan Just Released An EP. Listen Here (Audio)

During the last week, the members of the Wu-Tang Clan have snatched the spotlight. Amid a 25th-anniversary campaign surrounding their classic debut album, Enter The Wu-Tang (36 Chambers), RZA, GZA, Inspectah Deck, Raekwon, U-God, Masta Killa, Method Man, and Ghostface Killah produced documentary series Wu-Tang: Of Mics And Men. The Mass Appeal documentary produced and directed by Sacha Jenkins premiered for TV audiences on Showtime one week ago (May 10). In the days that followed, Wu revealed that the collective is dropping new music.

In conjunction with the doc’, the Clan is offering up four new songs and three skits:

1. Ghostface Killah & RZA – “On That Sh*t Again”
2. Ghostface Killah, Raekwon & Harley – “Seen A Lot Of Things”
3. Nas – “Project Kids (Skit)”
4. RZA – “Do The Same As My Brother Do”
5. Cheo Hodari Coker: -“Yo, Is You Cheo? (Skit)”
6. RZA, Masta Killa & Cappadonna: “Of Mics And Men”
7. GZA & Masta Killa: “One Rhyme (Skit)”

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Heads can now listen in on new music from Wu members RZA, Ghost, Masta Killa, Chef Rae’, and Cappadonna (who is prominently featured in the film). GZA appears on a skit:

This new collection of songs arrives from Mass Appeal in partnership with Wu’s 36 Chambers LLC.

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#BonusBeat: Mass Appeal’s co-owner Nas discussing his earliest encounters with Wu-Tang and how he believes the group is a testament to the talent found in impoverished places: