Locksmith Is A Fiercely Independent MC. His Symbolic New Video Shows It

Richmond, California’s Locksmith had a busy 2018. He partnered with Mello Music Group’s Apollo Brown to release the eight-song project No Question. Later last year, Lock’ followed with Ali, a hard-hitting collection of solo songs that features Jedi Mind Tricks’ Vinnie Paz, Jarren Benton, and Murs. Notably, in spring of ’19, Locksmith and Murs just wrapped a run of cross-country United States dates.

For the veteran and former competitive MC, it’s back to promoting some of his recent and best work. The final song from Ali is “On God.” That track comes to a cinematic visual with the MC facing a treacherous desert storm.

Locksmith Explains Why He Was Relieved Not To Get A Deal From Dr. Dre (Video)

Never had a chance or a nice view of a life skewed or an ice cube shot in hell / Never had a plan, I would write through whatever hardships or garbage I could smell / Fell, but I never was derailed, was deemed well I could only tread in the well so long,” begins the extended verse. “Fair skin, but I got a dark soul / Walking through the far snow, nobody would even notice the boy / Fast-forward, now they’re hauling ass toward / Try’na get a grasp for anything I do / My voice became a beacon for anyone seeking to get out the deep-end, but still I grew / Pollinated in the concrete, underneath your feet, but still somehow got through / Richmond, California, Crescent Park / Let’s embark, let’s dive deep in the sewer / Underneath the skin come and meet the sin / They shape the landscape we escaped then maneuvered / Come and brake the bow, bow but don’t hype me / Every death had an effect on my psyche / Every breath met with a test unless you wanna accept the missteps that just comes slightly / Pipe to the b*tch that you love and covet / You can play polite or make light and shrug it / I was offered a deal worth quarter of a mill, I told them that I’d rather build, thought nothing of it,” he raps with passion.

The powerful stanza goes on to explain the courage and commitment that Locksmith sees as his artistic independence. “You can take the chance, take the advance / But understand, my ni**a, that is just a loan I would not accept the terms of interest / To invest in anything I cannot own I was thrown to the wolves to the wolf’s surprise / I was hungry as him, no watered eyes / I was left in the den / Unable to make friends / So I walked through the hood in a wolf disguise I followed my passion and followed with actions I knew they were vital / Decided to write a new chapter, and go out do something that none of you ni**as could rival.

Locksmith’s State Of The Rap Union Address Is A Fiery Freestyle

Notably, Lock’ recently spoke at length with AFH TV about this. Following his last Ali single, “Stars,” the MC extrapolated a lyric about meeting Dr. Dre while he was working with Xzibit. Notably, while many rappers’ first wish would be to ink with Aftermath Entertainment, Locksmith explained why going into the chance meeting, he held fast to his principles.

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