In 2000, M.O.P. Went Hunting For CD Bootleggers To Mash Out (Video)

M.O.P. released their debut LP 25 years ago with To The Death. While the Select Records drop remains discussed by Rap purists, Lil Fame and Billy Danze seemed to widen their reach with every album since, culminating with Y2K’s fourth effort, Warriorz. The Mash Out Posse’s fourth and most commercially successful body of work yielded several crossover records, including “Ante Up,” which went on to spawn a remix featuring Busta Rhymes, Remy Ma, and Teflon. The latter artist though is a longtime Mash Out Posse associate and onetime Relativity Records label-mate. Around the time Warriorz dropped, the First Family took a stroll through their native Brownsville, Brooklyn in search of any locals who might be bootlegging the Loud Records release.

In a DVD they dropped called Straight From The Projects in the year 2000, Bill, Fizzy, and Teflon are seen walking through the ‘Ville with the Louisville Sluggers in tow, threatening those trying to bootleg M.O.P. CDs and merchandise at the 9:00-mark. By then, the group had released their third album First Family 4 Life and the single “Handle Ur Bizness” was hot in the streets. Like Mike Tyson, Masta Ace, Heltah Skeltah, Mash Out were also hometown heroes in a part of the Big Apple that can be intimidating to many new New Yorkers.

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No one is hurt. However, M.O.P. do catch at least one vendor in the act. They make a message clear: nobody improperly eats off of Mash Out Posse. At 12:00, some questionable materials are confiscated in an era where sidewalk bootleg sales were rampant in Brooklyn, Manhattan, and in many American cities. The men from Saratoga Avenue are not having it at a time shortly before they would begin tenures with Roc-A-Fella and G-Unit Records, respectively.

“That was a funny situation. We was a lil’ mad – really mad. Why would you be bootleggin’ my record right at my house? It ain’t like you crosstown; you right at my crib! You gonna show some come of respect, dude!” Billy Danze said during a 2011 interview with (now Ambrosia For Heads’) Jake Paine. “Don’t do it like that because we’re gonna end up in jail [and] somebody gonna end up in the hospital. Somethin’s gonna happen, and I believe that I’m right. [Laughs] As much as a gangster or thug may wave that flag in your face, the truth of the matter is, we’re all just men.”

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Earlier this year, Bill released his solo debut, 6 Pack. Notably, that album features Lil Fame and Teflon. Heads can hear some of this material on the official AFH playlist. Last month, Lil Fame appeared on Styles P’s “The Professionals.”